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JASMINE TEA SOUTH SONG DYNASTY QING DYNASTY 1240 1900 JASMINE FLOWER TAIWAN Jasmine tea started during the South-Song Dynasty (Nan-Song, at around 1240) at Guangdong province. During Ming Dynasty (Ming-dai), the technique of scenting tea with jasmine had been well-developed. The commercial mass production of Jasmine tea emerged during the Qing Dynasty, at Fuzhou of Fujian province. In year 1900, the production of jasmine flowers at Fuzhou reached 1,500 tones. (1928-1938) - 7,500 tones per 618 907 1939 The Jasmine flower originated from Iran (formerly known as Persia). Jasmine flower was brought to China during Tang Dynasty through the Silk Road. In the very early stages, it was only served for decorative purposes. Later, in year 1882, Taiwan tea merchants brought back the jasmine seeds and cultivated it in their island: they started to pro- duce jasmine tea on their own. Until year 1939, the yield of Tai- wanese jasmine flowers reached 1300 tones per annum. year. How to scent JASMINE TEA 9X 4H (15 JAN JUL Tea leaves are harvested in the spring and stored until early summer when fresh Jas- mine flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers This process of absorbing the fragrance takes more than 4 hours, and may be repeat- ed several times to achieve the desired results. The tea absorbs moisture from the are picked when the small petals are still closed and are stored cool. fresh jasmine flowers and will need to be dried again. In the evening when the flowers begin to open, tea is layered in with Jasmine flowers and stored overnight, releasing the jasmine fragrance into the tea. Temperature rises up to 45°C and 48°C. JASMINE 1. 2. Jasmine tea is the most popular variety of flavored tea. This is, in part because Jasmine has been used to scent and flavor every variety of tea. TYPES White, black, green and oolong. So, no matter your preference in tea, there is a Jas- mine tea for you. WATER TEMPERATURE STEEPING TIME BLACK JASMINE 3-5MIN BOILING WHITE JASMINE 5-8MIN 185°F (85Cº) GREEN JASMINE O 1-2MIN 160°F (71C°) OOLONG JASMINE 2-3MIN BOILING CANCER TREATMENT AND PREVENTION: Jasmine has the capability to slow down cancer cells growth in the body. This has chemoprotective effect for breast tumors. Also, it has some effect on prostate cancer. In future, people may use jasmine instead of chemotherapy for treating cancer. RELIEVES ANXIETY: The aroma of jasmine tea has sedative prop- erty which reduces heart rates and thereby makes you calm and relaxed. REDUCES CHOLESTEROL LEVEL: 2. 1. The catechins in green tea that are derived from jasmine green tea lower triglyceride and cholesterol level in body. This test was performed on hamster. Thus, more research has to be done for confirming this benefit in humans. But researchers say that jasmine tea may benefit people who have a fatty diet. 3. 8. Jasmine Tea JASMINE TEA SIDE EFFECTS: HEALTH BENEFITS Like any other, even jasmine tea has some disadvantages. Some say that caffeine is harmful for nerves and heart, while others disagree to that. Confused? Actually both are true. Excessive con- sumption of anything is bad for health. Hence, much caffeine has negative impact on nerves. Some may become 4. LOWERS BACTERIA GROWTH: nervous wrecks because of excessive According to some studies, jasmine can restrict the growth of some bacteria which triggers food borne illness. Hence, people can be saved from food poisoning. consumption of caffeine. To reduce caf- feine content in jasmine tea, you can opt for decaffeinated jasmine tea. This has disadvantage as the actual smell and taste of jasmine tea are missed in decaf- feinated tea. Also, it removes about 1/3rd of antioxidants that makes jasmine tea healthy. 5. 6. REDUCES WEIGHT: REGULATES INSULIN LEVELS: FIGHTS AGAINST FREE RADICALS: People suffering from diabetes can drink jasmine tea for controlling and neutralizing blood sugar levels. Also, people who are at risk of developing diabetes should drink jasmine tea as it reduces the risk. Jasmine tea is a good option for reducing weight as it has a sweet taste. Thus, one need not add honey or sugar to it. It also acts like an antidepressant. It is good for fearfulness, post nasal depression, paranoia, menopause, low confidence level, etc. Jasmine tea protects the body from the damaged caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to body cells and fasten aging process. Jasmine tea helps to slow down aging process. FOR LA BOHEME ©MARIAN GAJDOS FEB MAR APR MAY JUN AUG


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