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The Influence Of Coffee Around The World

I THE INFLUENCE OF COFFEE '/ - AROUND THE WORLD FACTS 'N' STATS COFFEE: THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR DRINK Every year we consume over 500 billion cups of coffee and we produce over 149 million bags. It's kind of a big deal. WHERE DOES COFFEE COME FROM? All coffee is grown in a region found between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, in a region known as the 'Bean Belt'. PERFECT CLIMATE FOR COFFEE WHO PRODUCES THE MOST? (2014) BRAZIL 2.72 billion kg VIETNAM 1.65 billion kg COLOMBIA 750 million kg THAT'S A LOT OF COFFEE! INDONESIA 540 million kg ETHIOPIA 397.5 million kg WHO DRINKS THE MOST? (No. of Cups / Day) NETHERLANDS 2.41 cups FINLAND 1.85 cups SWEDEN 1.36 cups DENMARK 1.24 cups GERMANY 1.2 cups DID YOU KNOW? 14 billion espressos are consumed in Italy each year WHO IMPORTS THE MOST? (2013) AMERICA GERMANY FRANCE $5.5BN JAPAN $3.6BN ITALY Пу $1.6BN Пи $2.4BN $1.6BN PRODUCTIVITY Studies show that drinking coffee influences energy, morale, alertness and memory; causing drinkers to be more productive and get more done. GREAT NEWS FOR EMPLOYERS! . AND COFFEE IS A GROWING BUSINESS The coffee business has grown to be huge, and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of stopping. +85% 2000 2010 Between 2000 and 2010, the value of world coffee exports grew by over 85% from $8.3 billion to $15.4 billion. COFFEE CAFE Coffee shops are the largest growing section of the restaurant business and grow 7% year on year. In the U.S alone, independent coffee shops generate $12 billion in sales... $12 BN 20% .and specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year. COSTA McCafe Tim Hortons IDUNKIN DONUTS OFFE The five biggest coffee chains have over 34,300 stores between them worldwide. THE ECONOMIC INFLUENCE OF COFFEE Coffee is produced in around 70 Worldwide, more than 100 million countries, providing people are directly jobs and a source of involved in the income to millions coffee business in of people. one way or another. 90% Coffee farms alone 90% of the world's provide employment coffee production for 25 million takes place in people. developing countries. Coffee is the world's second most valuable commodity and is worth over $100 billion. This makes coffee a more valuable commodity than natural gas or gold. Sources: Brought to you by: COFFEE Tasting club %24

The Influence Of Coffee Around The World

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Coffee’s a pretty big deal, it’s the most popular drink in the world. Many of us start of day with coffee, some of us might not be able to function with a decent cup of coffee, and some of us will...



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