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Indian Restaurant reveals the full Effects and Benefits of Spices in Food

Navaab MANCHESTER The Effects & Benefits of Spices Hair Mind O Mustard Oil is applied to the scalp in India to help stimulate hair growth. O The consumption of Red Peppers can increase the sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. O Turmeric is being tested for the potential benefits it presents to Alzheimer's disease patients. Eyes Teeth O Studies have shown that Saffron could be a key component in the battle against loss of vision in the aged. O Dental health benefits significantly from the consumption of Fennel. Throat O Ginger is great for treating sore throats and colds. Joints Im ne O Arthritis patients can benefit from lower inflammation in their joints with the help of Ginger. System O The vitamin C in Fennel can help keep the immune system strong and working effectively. O Mace spice is often used in massage therapy to reduce rheumatic pain in joints. Namaab MANCHESTER Lungs Heart O The spice buds in cloves can help protect the body from the development of cancers of the lung. O Capsaicin has been found to be beneficial to heart health. O The potassium found in Anise and cayenne peppers can help control heart rate. O Scientists have found that the heart and blood Bones have the same odour sensing receptors as the nose: this could mean that your heart's interest may be piqued by aromatic spices. O The calcium in fennel can help aid the healthy growth of bones. Prostate Stomach O Capsaicin can help reduce the risk of O Upset stomachs can be treated with the use of Ginger. developing prostate cancer. O Metabolism - Spicy foods can aid speed up a person's metabolism by up to 8% and act as an appetite suppressant. Arteries O Cinnamon can help keep those arteries clear of blockages. Blood O Capsaicin, found in chilli peppers acts as a blood thinner which can help Skin prevent blood clots and improve circulation O Cinnamon is effective in managing blood sugar O The anti-bacterial nature of Cinnamon levels and has been found can be beneficial when to prevent platelet clogging. The latter factor can help prevent the onset of strokes. administered to a cut or wound. O Rutin, found in Capers, can help prohibit platelet clump formation in blood O Spices can cause perspiration which cools the body upon evaporating. Partially explaining the popularity of spices vessels Sources:

Indian Restaurant reveals the full Effects and Benefits of Spices in Food

shared by nawaab on May 20
Respected Manchester restaurant Nawaab has released an informative graphic depicting the effects and health benefits of including various spices in the diet.




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