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India: The Land of Spices

Timeline Spices were among the most valuable items of trade in ancient and medieval times, they were rare and precious \THE LAND OF products, used for medicine, perfume, U and plaved a big incense and flavouring and played a big 200 BC to B00 The Romans control the trade role throughout human history In 1492. 2000 RC The Old Testament includes much about herbs 3500 BC The ancient Egyptians were using variou spices for fiavourine food, in cosmetics and for embalming their dead 1000 BC Medical system based on herbs could be found in China, Korea and india Christopher SP CES 700 to 1500 The Republic of Venice had the monopoly over spice trade with the Columbus went westwards from Europe to find a sea route to the lands of spices but found the Americas Middle East 12th to 16th century Europeans explore passages to the East Indies 2011 International trade 1600-1900 Americans enter the spice trade 1500 to 1800 English exploration 15th to 17th century Wars for control of the spice trade break out Over $1.5 bn per year Production Share of Major SPICES in India (2002-03) CORIANDER SEED GARLIC .5% GINGER CUMIN SEED 9.8% 8.4% 5.5% MUSTARD SEED 10.9% TAMARIND 4.9% FENUGREEK SEED 3.6% TURMERIC PEPPER .1% 14.7% FENNEČ ED 1.0% OTHERS CARDAMOM CHILLI 29.6% 0.6% 0.5% Pepper is the most important commercial spice: 60% of the total volume of the spice trade Spices are stilI cultivated mostly by hand and are cleaned, washed and sun-dried for 5-10 days 1200 Trends in Area, Production and Yield 5500 1000 5000 800 4500 600 4000 400 World Production 3500 200 (2000 figures; in mt) 3000 India 22,55,800 Area Production Yield With different climates in different parts of the country, India is the top producer in the world and produces a variety of spices State wie production of Turneric Source: Horticulture Board and Spices Board of India Tami Nadu China 5,84,871 Indonesia Kanat 2,60,902 10000 Othen Wet Bengal Pakistan 2,08,328 so00 Kera Loa Meghal 26 Nigeria 1,46,500 6000 Bangladesh 1,44,000 че0 Vietnam 1,23,752 2000 Ethiopia 1,10,960 Origin of Spices Tamil Nadu Mexico Kerala Karnatalu Andra 91,755 Clove Moluccas (Indonesia) Cinamon Sri Lanka. India, SE Asia Pepper Hilis of Western India Nutmeg Papua New Guinea. Moluccas Indonesia) Vanilla Mexico Pradesh Others 1,04,500 DArea (000 ha) OProduction (million nuts) Produetivity (nuts ha) World 49,39,990 sauoy 000 uỊ uoyanpoad ay

India: The Land of Spices

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Spices found in different parts of India. Now, no more confusion for spice lovers


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