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If Your Blog Were A Beer...

IF YOUR BLOG WEE A BEFR WHAT KIND WOULD IT BE? Just like beer, we all consume a nOGT lot of blog content. POST including 1/5 MILLION THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF BLOGS IN THE WORLD on WordPress and Tumblr combined and nearly 20,000 different types of beer. Strangely enough, we consume blogs and beers at about the same rate. EACH WEEK } 4.2 DRINKS has reads a 4.1 BLOGS the average American Of course, we have no way of knowing whether those activities are happening simultaneously. IF YOUR BLOG WERE A BEER, WHAT KIND WOULD IT BE2 Let's explore this silly metaphor and imagine your blog in a pint glass... BEER BLOGGING THE LIGHT BEER The basic lager. The domestic microbrew. Labels may vary, Isod but the taste is pretty much the same. Often found in red plastic cups. Some people love Miller Lite. They're brand loyal, just like some of your readers. But taste your last few posts. Do they read like a lot of other blogs? Could they have been written by anyone? POST POST POST POST POST MAKE YOUR BLOG A MICROBREW WITH A If your blog tastes like water, that's not a good thing. Your blog should sound like you. It should have a personality and style of its own. LABEL AND FLAVOR THAT DISTINGUISHES ITSELF FROM THE BIG GUYS. THE CORONA interview A variation on the lager, every sip (or read) is refreshing and the lime on top is an occasional interview, podcast or infographic to add flavor. The perfect mix of “makes you think" and "lets you relax" all together in one easy to read blog. THE IPA Ales have flavor. Sometimes they're so hoppy. they make your face pucker. You feel them as much as you taste them. These are the blogs that make you feel something. They have an opinion. They're not shy. They have passion and a natural voice. They know who they are, and they take a stand. Sometimes they're negative. Sometimes they're personal. THE STOUT Ah, the heavyweights of the beer world. For most of us, a stout beer isn't a casual, everyday thing. Drinking a big glass of alcoholic black liquid is always a deliberate act. These are the POST POST POST practical, no-nonsense blogs with heavy content. The stouts are the big how-to posts, the well-researched reference pieces, and the 2,500 word epic posts. They may be slower to pour and people don't want them every day, but these posts get bookmarked, and these newsletters get saved. STOCK THE FRIDGE A COLD DRAFT IS GREAT. But if your blog is one giant keg of the same stuff, TAP THE OR KEGӘ visitors might get bored. Even if visitors love what you have on tap, it's still good to have some variety. KEEP SOME MICROBREWS IN THE FRIDGE AND MIX IT UP! Find new brewmasters! Invite guests to post on your site. They'll bring new content and maybe a new audience. Try something seasonal! Change the topics and tone based on what's happening. Give your patrons the beer they desire! If your analytics (and their bar tab) show they like a certain flavor, make sure to keep it in the rotation. If blogs were beer, we'd all be hammered. There are tens of millions of blogs on the Internet. All that content makes it harder to stand out. A DRUNK WITH CONTENT This is why it's so important to use THE WEB DOESN'T NEED ANOTHER YOUR OWN VOICE (IPAS) AND to sometimes publish something SUBSTANTIAL (STOUTS) BUD LIGHTI KEEP IT FLOWINGI POST POST POST POST POST ST Whatever you do, maintain a regular frequency of FROSTY COLD BLOG POSTS, even if it's monthly or quarterly. IF YOUR BLOG IS TAPPED OUT, YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR REGULARS QUENCHING THEIR THIRST AT ANOTHER BAR. WHAT FLAVOR IS YOUR BLOG? SOURCES: PRESENTED BY: visually Orbit Media Studios - Beer Blogging: If Your Blog Was A Beer - by Andy Crestodina - Majority in U.S. Drink Alcohol, Averaging Four Drinks a Week - By Lydia Saad SPIN SUCKS - The Science of Blogging - By Dan Zarrella Profossional Development for PRand Markoting Pros To get a project started like this one, visit blog

If Your Blog Were A Beer...

shared by visually on Jun 13
Imagine for a second that your blog fit into a pint glass. What would it "taste" like? Would it have serious content, podcasts, and long form posts? Or would it be just for fun? The truth is, ...




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