The IceCream Report

THE ITS HISTORY ICE Cream GOES BACK TO 400 B.C. ! Ice cream is a mix of liguid 400 BC - The first record of ice cream goes back to the Persian Empire, where bowls of snow topped with grape juice concentrate and served during the summer months The snow was kept in caves with straw or brought down from the mountain's top. Others claim that it was the Chinese who invented the first versions of ice cream, by mixing rice, milk and snow. and dry ingredients which are brought to below zero tem- peratures while stirring. REPORT This process forms a mass which is soft and creamy while frozen. 14th Century - By the time of the Renaissance, people like Catherine de Medici and Charles I of England had private chefs with specialised ice cream recipes. WATER UJater is the main ingre- dients of ice cream, normally around 60% of it. It comes from milk or dairy products, fruit purees THE 4 MAIN INGREDIENTS ARE... 1843 - The first ice cream SUGARS Probably the most complex of all ingredi- ents, sugar essentially sweetens and keep the ice cream from freezing. Without sugar there is no ice cream, since it is the ingredient that allows the mix to be soft at below zero temperatures. Each type of sugar has a different granule (which will affect the texture and freezing condi- tions) and a different level of sweetness, key things to bear in mind when making machine was created by Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia juices or by adding it as such. The water inside ice creams is found as water crystals the size of these will determine hou smooth or grainy your ice creams is the smaller the crystal, the better the texture 1851 a Swiss-Italian busi- nessman, Carlo Gatti, opened the first ice cream stall outside Charing Cross station, selling scoops of ice cream in shells for one penny FATS Fats give ice creams body help maintain the air in it and gives it a softer texture. In general, ice THE MOST POPULAR ICE CREAM FLAVOR ice cream. These two factors are classified as NFP (Non Freezing Power) and SP (Swweetening Power) IN THE WORLD AIR creams contain between IS VANILLA This is probably the most important ingredient of ice cream; without air, we would have a hard 6-12% fat, being the maximum 14% Excess fat could distort the flavour compact mass, instead of a soft creamy texture Air decreases the cold feel of the ice cream, as it increases the volume of the mix, but it also enhances flavour, since the air bubbles evenly distribute the small particles on the palate. Also, air gives ice creams a better resistance to change of temperatures, as it acts as a thermal insulator. and reduce the volume. IT TAKES AN Fats are not essential AVERAGE OF 80 (sorbets are 0% fat), but used in the right propor- tion, they give structure to the mix, makes it more freezeable and help incorporate air, which makes the ice cream softer and creamier. LICKS TO POLISH OFF A SINGLE SCOOP ICE CREAM CONE When talking about the air in ice creams, it is important to understand the concept of Overrun. The air incorporated while mixing the ice cream that mixes with the sugars and the fats and that doesn't allow the mix to freeze as a bloc is what 80 we call Overrun. A homemade ice cream will normally have between 25-35% overrun while an industrial ice cream can have up to 100%. MORE ICE CREAM IS SOLD ON SUNDAY THAN ANY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK THE AVERAGE AMERICAN EATS 48 PINTS OF ICE CREAM PER YEAR STABILISERS ARE THE NEW COOL THING... Stabilisers where developed by the ice cream industry in order to sustain a high overrun mixes and to make the ice cream more resistant to temperature changes. In the past 20 years, chefs have been looking to create new flavoured, more SUGAR TYPE SOLIDS NFP SP Sugar (sucrose) 100% 100% 100% Dextrose 92% 171% 74% Liquid Glucose 80% 108% 45% Glucose Powder 40DE 95% 78% 34% Glucose Powder 30 DE 95% 56% 24% challenging ice creams, so the need of stabilisers in restaurants became Glucose Powder 20 DE 95% 37% 16% latent. Now days, stabilisers for ice Maltodextrine 5 DE 95% 9% creams are regularly used in restau- rants, since they have a very posi- Fructose 100% 188% 144% tive impact on quality, texture and Inverted Sugar 70% 190% 125% shelf live. Trimoline 72% 190% 125% Stabilisers Works directly on the water contained in the mix, as it influences the formation and growth of ice crystals. The stabilisers are hydrated and dispersed reducing the amount of free water in the ice cream, which increases the viscosity. Stabilisers improve texture, giving a creamier mouth feel; improve the melting resistance and shape retention and gives it a longer shelf live, since it prevents the ice crystals from growing. Usual stabilisers are gelling agents like alginate and carrageen. Honey 80% 190% 130% Lactose 100% 100% 16% Starch 100% 0% 0% DID YOU KNOW THAT ONLY COOKIES SALE MORE THAN ICECREAM? Emulsifiers Same as the stabilisers work directly on water, emulsifiers do it on the fats of the mix It brakes down the fat globules and helps combine better with the water which improves texture, mouth feel and melting resistance. Using emulsifiers also contributes to incorporate and retain the air in the mix as it strengths the air cells wals "BRAIN FREEZE" IS TRIGGERED WWHEN ICE CREAM TOUCHES THE ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH, CAUSING Proteins Vegetable and lactic proteins are added to the stabilisers to give ice creams a better structure. These are particularly important in high overrun ice creams, as more protein is needed to sustain all that air. BLOOD VESSELS IN THE HEAD TO DILATE. Sugars A "general" mix of sugars is added to the stabilis- ers, this mix will serve as a base for any ice cream recipe, then if any other specific sugar is needed it should be added separatey. Among these sugars we find glucose, dextrose and others. Brought to you by Wild Harvest & designed by

The IceCream Report

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