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The Hungry Traveller: Foodie Facts Perfectly placed, perfectly priced ADTI BEER THE HUNGRY TRAVELLER HARRY ORIGINAL Foodie Facts Hotels4U mascot Harry Hotel has been busy visiting his favourite destinations. Here's a round up of the quirky food facts he's brought back with him! 27% TEA of UK holidaymakers take British tea bags abroad with them tea coffee 8.27m 4m tons tons In worldwide hot drink consumption, coffee wins! Coffee 9.56n 1889 cups of coffee are drunk each year in Italy...enough to fill the Colosseum twice! Italy invented the Margherita pizza, in honour of Queen Margherita. The red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil represent the colours of the flag MEXICO 1895 180 different countries - more than anywhere else in the Mexico exports beer to world The first pizzeria opened in New York 50%m 2006- pints are drunk each year in the US Americans invent the 'Pizza Beer' – a smooth Pizza blend of Margherita pizza Beer and beer • AVERAGE COST OF BEER AROUND THE WORLD • Barcelona London Sharm el Sheikh Edinburgh Paris Tenerife Goa Rome NYC Cyprus Mexico The first form of beer originated in Egypt – in fact, the builders of the pyramids were paid with it 60% of Brits drink more alcohol on holiday than they would at home William Shakespeare Alcohol has been a popular means of payment throughout history - Shakespeare was once given a barrel of Tenerife's Malmsey wine in exchange for his work worled Gre Tuly 4.580k tons KYPRUS Today, alcohol is still popular around the world...In Cyprus they have an annual festival worshipping Dionysus – the Greek god of wine 4,540k France tons Span 3-610k tons They also eat a lot of snails! But the French drink the most alcohols *just behind Luxembourg The French eat about 500,000,000 escargots annually 0.03mph Snail Festival 12 fons is the speed of the fastest of snails are consumed every May in three days at the Aplec del Caragol, Catalonia moving snail 27 17 years how long it would take the average snail to travel from & Barcelona to Goa* 157 days *although it probably wouldn't make it as the longest life expectancy is 15 years of marine produce is exported from Goa per year.equivalent to the weight of 7,714 elephants. Prawns are the most caught type of seafood but the city is known for its Goan Fish Curry 1809 In Britain's most popular curry is Chicken Tikka Masala which was actually invented in Glasgow – not India an Indian migrant opened It's my favourite too! the first curry house in London 23m 8k m portions sold each year in over Indian restaurants across the UK. it's no surprise it's been dubbed Britain's National Dish Phew, that was exhausting. Time for a pint of continental ale! T: @hotels4u_com f FB: /hotels4ucom tons

The Hungry Traveller: Foodie Facts

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Hotels4u mascot Harry has been destination hopping, testing his taste-buds and being a true traveller. We've followed his journey documenting on his favourite cuisines including some very odd but trad...


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