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Hungen Hunger is an age-old problem. It effects every country in the world to a different degree. It also produces social and political debate as to how to fight it and find a lasting solution. Here are some sobering facts about hunger in the world. 1. Almost I IN 6 people in the world suffer from LACK OF PROPER FOOD. 640 million in Asia and the Pacific 42 million in North Africa 50 million in Latin America 1 in 3 people in this area are undernourished }MA 265 million in Sub-Saharan Africa DEATH RATES in CHILDREN from HUNGER 6 .. THAT ADDS TO 6 MILLION A YEAR. I every 6 SECONDS... 1 MILLION caused by VITAMIN A and 10 every MINUTE... ZINC deficiencies. 600 every HOUR... 25,000 die from HUNGER a DAY... MORE than Tuberculosis, Malaria & AIDS COMBINED. Since 2006, there has been a food price crisis: 2006 PRICES 2010 PRICES rice +27% corn +13% wheat +18% beans +15% 6. Of the 49 MILLION hungry in 2 OUT OF 3 of the world's HUNGRY live in 7 COUNTRIES: AMERICA: MA 35% CHILDREN 65% ADULTS INDIA ETHIOPIA THE CONGO BANGLADESH INDONESIA PAKISTAN CHINA 25% of these are AFRICAN-AMERICAN and 27% HISPANIC 1 IN 8 Americans receive FOOD STAMPS. ம ப WYOMING hasA the LOWEST NUMBER at TEXAS has the HIGHEST NUMBER of residencieson FOOD STAMPS (3.2 MILLION). 32.000. 1 IN 3 CAUCASIAN children will receive FOOD STAMPS before 9 IN 10 AFRICAN-AMERICAN children will. 8:8 TURNING 20. 9.1970: 126 MEMBERS of the UNITED NATIONS pledged to spend 0.7% OF INCOME on FOREIGN AID. Luxembourg Norway 2009: Only 5 MEMBERS MEET, that figure ANNUALLY. Sweden Denmark Netherlands 10. However, COUNTRIES still DONATE an ENORMOUS AMOUNT: DONATIONS (BILLIONS) $24 These countries $18 represent 80% of all boreign aid. $13 $12 $12 $6 NETHERLANDS FRANCE JAPAN SOURCE http://www.frc org/html/unger in the us/tunger_index html http://www.fao ore/publicatians/soli/en/ http://www.frac org/data/PSPparticipation/200gu.pdl page4 news/health/aoog-Otood-stamps N.htm http://www.alertmeturg/db/topics/ GERMANY UK US


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Hunger is an age old problem that effects every country to a different degree. This infographic provides sobering facts about hunger around the world.


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