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Hungen Hunger is an age-old problem. It effects every country in the world to a different degree. It also produces social and political debate as to how to fight it and find a lasting solution. Here are some sobering facts about hunger in the world. 1. Almost I IN 6 people in the world suffer from LACK OF PROPER FOOD. 640 million in Asia and the Pacific 42 million in North Africa 50 million in Latin America 1 in 3 people in this area are undernourished }MA 265 million in Sub-Saharan Africa DEATH RATES in CHILDREN from HUNGER 6 .. THAT ADDS TO 6 MILLION A YEAR. I every 6 SECONDS... 1 MILLION caused by VITAMIN A and 10 every MINUTE... ZINC deficiencies. 600 every HOUR... 25,000 die from HUNGER a DAY... MORE than Tuberculosis, Malaria & AIDS COMBINED. Since 2006, there has been a food price crisis: 2006 PRICES 2010 PRICES rice +27% corn +13% wheat +18% beans +15% 6. Of the 49 MILLION hungry in 2 OUT OF 3 of the world's HUNGRY live in 7 COUNTRIES: AMERICA: MA 35% CHILDREN 65% ADULTS INDIA ETHIOPIA THE CONGO BANGLADESH INDONESIA PAKISTAN CHINA 25% of these are AFRICAN-AMERICAN and 27% HISPANIC 1 IN 8 Americans receive FOOD STAMPS. ம ப ப பர பர பர் WYOMING hasA the LOWEST NUMBER at TEXAS has the HIGHEST NUMBER of residencieson FOOD STAMPS (3.2 MILLION). 32.000. 1 IN 3 CAUCASIAN children will receive FOOD STAMPS before 9 IN 10 AFRICAN-AMERICAN children will. 8:8 TURNING 20. 9.1970: 126 MEMBERS of the UNITED NATIONS pledged to spend 0.7% OF INCOME on FOREIGN AID. Luxembourg Norway 2009: Only 5 MEMBERS MEET, that figure ANNUALLY. Sweden Denmark Netherlands 10. However, COUNTRIES still DONATE an ENORMOUS AMOUNT: DONATIONS (BILLIONS) $24 These countries $18 represent 80% of all boreign aid. $13 $12 $12 $6 NETHERLANDS FRANCE JAPAN ककुकामा SOURCE http://www.frc org/html/unger in the us/tunger_index html http://www.fao ore/publicatians/soli/en/ http://www.frac org/data/PSPparticipation/200gu.pdl page4 news/health/aoog-Otood-stamps N.htm http://www.alertmeturg/db/topics/ GERMANY UK US


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Hunger is a problem as old as humankind. Still today one of every six people on the planet do not have the food that they need. Get the facts and figures about this epidemic of hunger that affects e...


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