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How to Taste Wine Like an Expert

How to Taste Wine Like an Expert! "Tasting wine is arguably the single most important part of enjoying wine. Unfortunately, over time 'proper tasting' has become a trademark for holier than thou snobbery that runs rampant within wine culture. There is an intimidating expectation that there is a right way to taste wine, which usually includes unnecessary showmanship and vernacular. This guide focuses on practical techniques guaranteed to make you an awesome wine taster." 01. Observe the Colour of the Wine The colour can give a hint as to what type of grape was used to make the wine. 02. Swirl Coat the sides of the glass to help the wine open up and release aromas for the next step.. 03. Smell Sniff three times to decide three words to describe the aromas you can identify. 04. Sip You should be able to detect sweet, sour salty and bitter tastes. Tips to optimise taste satisfaction When smelling wine, challenge yourself to identify two fruits and two other gromas before moving on to taste. It's easier when you have the right tool for the job. The round bowl shape of a wine glass is convenient for swirling, provides lots of room to hold aromas, and has an opening big enough to stick your nose in for optimum sniffing! Drink one cup of water to every glass of wine. Staying hydrated keeps your tongue working. Before you write off a wine as bad, try it with food. Some wines excel at complimenting food rather than as a stand alone drinking wine. Prepared By Don't fall victim to the temptation of drinking every mouth full as there are more important things to focus on when tasting wine. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. obordeaux 00. undiscovered O Wine Shop

How to Taste Wine Like an Expert

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Don't be intimidated by wine snobbery. Enjoy your white, rose, red and sparkling wine all the more with this simple guide from Bordeaux Undiscovered on how to taste wine like an expert!


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