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How to Talk like a Beer Snob

LEARN THE LANGUAGE OF How to talk like a beer snob Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and has four primary ingredients, water, hops, malt & yeast. Different combinations of these ingredients result in vastly different beers. This overview of the ingredients and qualities of beer will help you understand the differences between them so that you can talk like a beer expert. Key Terminology These are some important words that beer experts like to use. Memorize a few and use them liberally. НOPS Hops are what give beer much of its aroma and taste. While there are specific kinds of hops, we'll just look at the typical difference between European, English and American Hops Micro Breweries 0- 15,000 Barrels Regional Breweries 15,000 – 2,000,000 Large Breweries More than 2,000,000 British Hops American Hops European Hops Earthy Citrus Floral Herbal Pine Peppery Floral Bitter Spicy MALT Malt is made from barley or wheat and is used to balance out the hops. Common Flavors: sweet, caramel, chocolate, roasted coffee, biscuit, & wheat. YEAST Yeast creates the alcohol in beer and adds to the flavor. Traditionally, there have been two types of yeasts. Top Fermenting Yeast (ale yeast) Bottom Fermenting Yeast (lager yeast) Rises to the surface during fermentation. Ferments at the bottom of the beer. Ideal temperature: 50°F - 70°F. Ideal temperature: 45°F - 59°F. Used in: Ales, Porters, and Wheat Beers. Used in: Pilsner, Marzen, Bocks. BODY This is how the beer feels in your mouth, is it watery or heavy? Light Body Medium Body Full/Heavy Body American Pilsners IPA's Porters Light Lagers Pale Ales Bocks IBU's International Bitterness Units - These represent how bitter the beer is. Typically, the higher the IBU, the bitterer the beer is. This can be offset by the amount of malt used so a beer with a lower IBU can actually be bitterer than a beer with a higher IBU. Very Bitter Not Bitter Stone Double Bastard Ale Rogue Somer Orange 100 IBU's Honey Ale, 10 IBU's Let's look at some actual beers now Harpoon IPA American IPA Lost Sailor IPA Stone Ruination English IPA Alc % - 5.5% IBUS - 40 Double IPA Alc % - 7.7% IBUS - 105 Alc % - 5.9% IBUS - 42 PS TO N E FRESH LOCAL KHARPOOK LPA. RUINATION I PA KEEP REFRIGERATED Aroma - Floral Aroma - Herbalic Taste - Floral and Spices Taste - Citrus, Spicy Body - Medium Aroma - Citrus, Herbalic Taste - Citrus, Pine, Body - Medium Body - Medium 10 BEERS TO ORDER THAT AREN'T COORS LIGHT Type Discription Examples Porter Dark, malty and roasted. Sierra Nevada Sometimes chocolate, caramel, Porter, Deschutes nut or bread flavor. Black Butte Porter Creamy beer with dark, roasted bitter taste. Guinness Stout, Murphy's Stout Dry Stout Amber Lighter beer with a sweet taste. Full Sail Amber American ambers are bitterer than Ale, Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale other ambers. American IPA Bitter beer with strong hops, citrus, floral and pine flavors. Stone IPA, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Pilsners Spaten Pils, Clean, crisp beer with bitterness from German hops. Warsteiner English Nut or caramel flavor, sometimes New Castle Brown Ale, Brown Ale with biscuit or toffee. Not bitter. Manns Brown Ale New Belgium Trippel, La Trappe Tripel Spicy and fruity bitter beer. Belgian Tripel Weizen Wheat beer that is spicy, fruity or Widmer Hefeweizen, citrusy with low bitterness. Sudwerk Hefeweizen Widmer Blonde Ale, Malty, sweet beer. Often has biscuit or wheat flavors. IPA Redhook Blonde Cream Ale Creamy beer with low to medium levels of bitterness, maltiness and Boddingtons, Genesee hop taste. Interesting Facts The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita with 158.6 liters per person, followed by Ireland & Germany. College students drink 430 million gallons of beer each year. Learn a Language in 10 Days -

How to Talk like a Beer Snob

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Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Learn to be an aficionado...or at least sound like one.


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