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How to Stop a Summer BBQ from Going Bad

TutorCare I | presents A SMALL GUIDE IN FOOD SAFETY How to stop a summer BBQ RAWR. FROM GOING BAD SUMMER! The time of sea, sand and outside o cooking. Everyone loves a BBQ You may think your BBQ is summer's best friend. BEWARE. It can have a dark side. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A SUMMER BARBIE? MOST POPULAR BBQ FOOD: 3RD PLACE (82%) НОT DOG 86% 69% 47% OF HOUSEHOLDS OWN AN OUTDOOR BARBECUE, GRLL OR SMOKER OWN A CHARCOAL GRLL OWN A GAS GRILL BAD BBQ'S CAN MAKE YOU BARF FOOD POISONING CASES DOUBLE OVER THE SUMMER Nasty germs include: E.COLI 1 IN 10 People in the Uk suffer from foodborne ilnesses each year. CAMPYLO- BACTER MOST POPULAR BBQ FOOD: 2RD PLACE (83%) STEAK SALMO- NELLA BAD BBQ'S CAN BURN YOUR LIMBS (Ан ни! BURN/ SCOLD In 2002, an estimated 80% 1800 CUT/ TEAR 20% type of injury people visited AtE in the UK having had an accident involving a barbecue BBQ's can be as hot as 343°C The common sense guide to keeping your BEQ happy MAKE SURE: Frozen meat is properly thawed before you cook it Meat is piping hot in the centre, not pink and any juices BURGER are clear MOST POPULAR BBQ FOOD: 1ST PLACE (84%) You use separate utensils (plates, tongs, containers) for cooked and raw meat You wash your hands after touching raw meat The BBQ you use is strong and sturdy MAKE SURE YOU DON'T: Light a BBQ in an enclosed space Put raw meat next to cooked or partly cooked meat on the barbecue Leave children unsupervised near a barbecue он МУ Pour petrol, meths or other accelerants on to a barbecue Don't assume that because meat is charred on the outside it will be cooked properly on the inside REMEMBER, STAY SAFE SUMMER LOVERS! SAUCES: infographic design by elevatelocal people

How to Stop a Summer BBQ from Going Bad

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Light humour on what to look out for when barbecuing. BBQ Food hygiene and safety statistics.




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