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How To Pair Coffee With Food

Delicious Coffee Food PAIRINGS from Around World the Far beyond the limited sphere of instant coffee that serves mostly to get us through Mondays, lies a diverse and complex world of coffee flavours that demand a well informed and considered culinary partner. Much like wine, the flavours and complexities of coffee depends on the area of the world the coffee beans are grown, the species of plant, and the roasting and washing process. There are two main species of plant: Robusta and Arabica. ROBUSTA Coffea robusta Robusta beans, typically grown in Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia, have a higher caffeine content which makes them more oily and bitter. As this masks the more subtle flavours of the beans, they are mostly used as a filler for instant and flavoured coffees. ARABICA? Coffea arabica L. Arabica beans, however, are commonly distinguished by region... SOUTH AMERICA FLAVOURS Spicy e Medium Bodied • Cinnamon e Citrus e Bittersweet Chocolate • Not too dark or bitter FOOD PAIRINGS Goes great with pastries containing cinnamon, orange, cherry, cardamom, ginger, allspice and vanilla. Best in the morning with brioche or cinnamon toast and orange juice." CENTRAL AMERICA FLAVOURS Costa Rica / Nicaragua / Guatemala e Similar to South America but lighter Brighter • Balanced • Guatemalan coffee tends to have apple notes • Sometimes soft like chocolate or buttery like flaky pastry crust FOOD PAIRINGS Pair with fruit pies and pastries. Goes well with foods rich in cinnamon and butter. A versatile coffee that works well at any time of the day. "Thy with lemon meringue pie, croissants for a bright, lunch time pick me up." AFRICA FLAVOURS e Dark, bold and full bodied e Much like red wine in its complexities • Rich. fruity and earthy RWANDA / IVORY COAST / UGANDA TASTING NOTES FOOD PAIRINGS Often has a densely sweet berry flavour, typically blueberry or strawberry. Goes well with mild cheese to counteract the richness of the coffee. Washed coffees often express jasmine or lemongrass characteristics, and are lighter and drier on the palate. Brings out the flavours of fruit really nicely. Thy with nuty flavours like walnut and hazelnut." KENYA TASTING NOTES FOOD PAIRINGS Processing affects flavour (there is a post-fermentation soak that can last a day or longer), and the fact that much of the coffee is Try with vanilla cheesecake: the creaminess will counteract the sourness and the subtle flavour won't mask such a grown without shade. larger-than-life coffee. Big, bold, and juicy, Kenyan coffees are a product of their variety (SL-28 and SL-34 are the most prized) Enjoy with tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and passionfruit – why not try a sorbet? These elements combine to give Kenyan coffees a mouth- puckering savoury-sweet character that sometimes manifests as a tomato- like acidity, or a blackcurrant sourness. ETHIOPIA TASTING NOTES FOOD PAIRINGS Washed coffee is a little more delicate, so pair it as you would tea - light pastries and scones work well. Thousands of varieties of coffee are grown here therefore the spectrum of flavour is much larger. Coffee beans that are processed "naturally" are dried within the coffee fruit before being removed. Coffee that is processed naturally is richer, so serve with a cheeseboard and Coffee that is "washed" has the fruit stripped within 12 hours of picking. crackers after dinner. These two processes create strikingly different flavours: naturals tend to be fruity, heavy, and wine-like, where washed coffees tend to have a floral, tea-like delicacy to them. INDONESIA FLAVOURS Sumatra / New Guinea / Sulawesi Mushroomy & Earthy Leathery • Darkest, most bitter and rich coffee • Dark, unsweetened cocoa Intensely savoury Smoky & Toasted FOOD PAIRINGS Indonesian coffees offer a wide range of pairing opportunities. Try it with creamy desserts, or sweet, alcoholic drinks such as amaretto to help cut through the bitterness of the coffee, or you can try dark chocolate to help accentuate it. Pairing it with bacon also brings out the smokiness of the coffee. "Try with dark chocolate to accentuate the bitterness of the cofee." SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY: COFFEE Tasting club

How To Pair Coffee With Food

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Everyone knows that wine and cheese go together, everyone knows that fish and chips go together. These classic flavour pairings are reliable, old favourites, like a culinary comfort blanket. But did ...


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