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How to Order Wine Like a Pro

VINOLOVERS DATE NIGHT How to Order Wine Like a Pro You should always be yourself on a date, but what if who you are isn't much of a fancy wine drinker? Don't Vinolover's got your back. Here are our tips on how to order wine in a way that's easy, painless, and totally classy. worry, Facts to Know –About the Wine List – Before Making Reservations Check out the restaurant in advance so you can be familiar with the wine list before you arrive. There's nothing more intimidating than a 15-page wine list with half the bottles in a foreign language, so avoid getting tongue-tied by doing a little research. What is the restaurant's Which wines will pair with their signature dishes? most popular wine? Check Yelp online. Call the restaurant. !! What are three options in a specific wine profile? Ask to speak to the sommelier. The Wingman Asking your server or sommelier for help is a great way to pick the perfect wine. Think of the sommelier as your wingman or wingwoman for the night - they're there to make sure you have a great date. Here are some tips to start you offt, and some questions to ask when you get there. A general rule for pairing wines "This is what I typically drink. Can you suggest something similar?" | with your meal is: the heavier the meal, the darker the wine. If you're not a Cabernet guy, having it with your steak won't make you enjoy it more. "What's drinking well right now?" Don't pick a wine for "What do you think will pair well with our meal?" your meal that wouldn't enjoy you without the food. One standard sized bottle contains 750ml of wine. That's about four glasses, or two for both of "I've never heard of this wine before. Can you tell me about it?" you. The 6 S's See Swirl Take a look at the wine in the glass. It should be clear, not cloudy. Swirl the wine in the glass to allow oxygen into the glass and let its aromas open up. Sniff Sip Give it a quick sniff to make sure nothing funky is going on in the glass. Sip the wine to make sure it tastes good. Savor Save the Show Take your time. As the meal goes on, the flavor will open up and grow deeper. No need to get too theatrical. your back to your date. Give nod to the server and get Why do you swirl? When the wine coats the sides of the glass, it is aerated and more qickly releases its bouquet. Why would a wine be cloudy? bad What does wine that's smell like? gone Flocculation (wispy, yeasty clouds) happens when wine is high in proteins or it's gotten too warm. For some varieties it's normal, but this can be a sign that there's microbial weirdness at work. Vinegar, musty basements, cardboard, or weirdly sweet. If it's bad, you'll probably know it. Don't Be That Guy The Snob The Slurper The Swallower Thinks the best wine has to be Swigs and slurps his wine like it's mouthwash. Gulps his wine down too quick before it's oxidized. the most expensive. Not always true! Conversation Starters "What do when like to drink "The vintage is really rare and special." "Do you know why they call it ice wine?" you order lamb?" %3D you "How so?" "No, tell me!" "Tuscan Sangiovese if they have it." The most important rule is to have fun and enjoy the company The best to learn about wine is to drink wine, so why not uncork a little romance along the way? of your date. way Staying in this Valentine's Day? For handpicked boutique wines delivered to your door monthly, visit VINOLOVERS.COM

How to Order Wine Like a Pro

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A guide including general wine knowledge and conversation starters for date night.


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