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How much should you Tip?

Guest Check DATE 15/01/08 SERVER Coffee/Black TABLE NUMBER Cappucino Vawberry shortcake CHECK NUMBER No. 011528 25 15 75 HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU TIP? Is I5 "AUTOGRAT" America's best tippers are in New Orleans, spending an average of 19.7%. "Autograt" is slang for an automatic gratuity - the built-in tip restaurants may charge for some things, such as large tables. Tips are always higher (about 4% more) on sunnier days. Drawing a smiley face on the check increases a waitress's tips by 18%, but decreases a waiter's tip by 9%. How much to tip is a topic that is often debated. Although opinions vary greatly, here's a quick guide on what is customary to tip at a restaurant. *Suggestions are in American dollars, and exclude taxes. WAITER/WAITRESS No less than 10% of the 15% the bill for ad- 20% of the bill for bill for poor service. equate service. Why tip for poor service? Tips are often shared with hostesses and busboys. By not leaving a tip for your waitress or waiter, you are also punishing others who may have helped serve you. very good service. SOMMELIER (WINE STEWARD) In some restaurants the sommelier may receive a cut of the table tip, so tipping them separately may not always be necessary. However, if you received great service from your sommelier, be sure to tell them, regardless of the tipping procedure. 15% of the cost of the bottle. BARTENDER If you are comped any free drinks or Tip a minimum of: appetizers, your tip should be equal to the amount of the price of the drink or food. 15% to 20% of the tab. 50ยข per soft drink. $1 per alcoholic drink. VALET PARKING STOP HERE PARKING VALET Valet staff who simply open the car door for you do not need to be tipped. The tip should be given to the valet who retrieves your vehicle. $2-$5 per vehicle. FOOD DELIVERY If you ordered pizza, you can also tip $2 per pizza as a general rule of thumb. 10% of Tips should be 15%-20% for a dif- ficult delivery. the bill. THIS INFOGRAPHIC WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY DIGITAL SOURCES: 1 bad-tipper-travel-tip-holiday-tip do_we_know.html DHEKVOSEA DH

How much should you Tip?

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The check comes and now the question is: How much should I tip? We wanted to research a little bit about tipping in order to help us all become better tippers. We hope it helps settle some of your que...






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