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How Much Food Will Kill You?

Death by Chocolate And Other Foods That Can Kill You It's true what they say, you should eat all things in moderation, because it turns out you can overdose on everyday foods like sugar, salt and even... chocolate? Whilst you'd definitely vomit long before consuming too much salt, it is surprisingly easy to overdose on other foods. Let's find out more! Sugar Lethal Dose BRAND 10 1/2 cups (2.3kg) Dandly SUEAR PREMIUM Deadly ...or 2,555 Skittles! 5UGAR Cause of Death? PURE CANE GRANULATED PREMIUM 4 Cardiac Failure LETHAL DOSE 10 % cups (2.3kg) Explained Sugar is in almost everything we eat and drink, and as a society we tend to overindulge in it, which can lead to long term problems like heart disease and diabetes. But did you know, if you ate ten and a half cups (2.3kg) in one sitting, it could lead to cardiac failure and death! Water Lethal Dose 200 fl. oz (6 litres) fina final al+ wat water ater ...or 12 Bottles! NATURAL KILLIr NATURAL KILLING WATER L KILLING WATER Cause of Death? Brain Swelling, Comas & Seizures Explained Whilst drinking plenty of water is essential, drinking too much of it can actually kill you. Basically, too much water lowers the concentration of sodium in your body, causing your brain cells to swell and damaging your kidneys. All of which result in nausea, convulsions and, ultimately, death. Caffeine Lethal Dose V3 oz (9.8g) LAST CHANCE ...or 81 Cups of Coffee! COFFEE Cause of Death? Cardiac Failure & Seizures 9.8g Explained A strong cup of coffee might raise you from the dead on a Monday morning, but a high dose of caffeine can cause restlessness, an increased heart rate and even lead to an irregular heartbeat. It's perhaps no surprise that an overdose can therefore lead to heart failure and seizures. Salt Lethal Dose Late's 30 1/2 oz (865g) mmm... ...or 27 Big Macs! Saltos Cause of Death? Cardiac Failure Dehydration & Seizures EXTRA SALTED FLAVOUR 865g Explained A pinch of salt can make food taste amazing and our bodies need a small amount to function properly. But eating too much salt in one sitting can drain water from your body's cells via osmosis. Too much water loss can lead to neurological problems, such as seizures or even a coma. Chocolate Lethal Dose (Theobromine) 2 1/2 oz (70g) ...or 85 Chocolate Bars! Cause of Death? Cardiac Failure, Dehydration & Seizures Explained If you ate 85 standard sized bars (and you know you'd give it a fair go) you would have consumed enough theobromine to kill you. Theobromine poisoning can cause trembling, excessive sweating and severe headaches - leading to death in some cases. Nutmeg Lethal Dose 1/2 oz (15g) DOA ...or 2-3 Teaspoons! numEG Cause of Death? VARIETY: - THE SPICE OF DEATH - Convulsions, Seizures & Dehydration Explained Nutmeg contains the toxic chemical myristicin, which has long been known to cause hallucinations. In fact, consuming just 2-3 teaspoons can result in nausea, dehydration and a long-lasting brain impairment. If undiagnosed, this can lead to death. Go easy on the eggnog! Brazil Nuts KILLER BRAZILS Lethal Dose 1 oz (28g) ...or 6 Brazil Nuts Cause of Death? Cardiac & Kidney Failure, Breathing Difficulties with Radium! 289 Explained Brazil Nuts are pretty unique. A single serving contains nearly 800% of your RDA of selenium (way more than is safe) as well as relatively high levels of radium. In addition, their shells contain high levels of aflatoxins which can cause liver cancer. Consume in moderation! Bon App├ętit! Sources,,,,,,,, appliances Choc

How Much Food Will Kill You?

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Most people want to know exactly how much food they can eat before it kills them. So we worked with Ship It Appliances to bring some definitive answers to the question. From the usual suspects like sa...


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