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How to Increase Productivity on the Dining Floor

HOW TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY ON THE DINING FLOOR %24 Wait staff spend a lot of their time running all over their respective restaurants, but are they always being as productive as they can? Here are several tips for maximizing one's effort on the dining floor and increasing not only a restaurant's profits, but one's own as well. #1 KNOW THE MENU THOROUGHLY Become familiar with every option for every order: SIDES BREADS MEAT TEMPERATURE Know alternatives for dishes that contain: TODAYS SPECML Familiarize yourself with the daily specials before each work shift. COMMON ALLERGENS, SUCH AS PEANUTS. MEAT DAIRY #2 SUGGEST ADDITIONAL PURCHASES Suggest expensive or high-quality liquors. Ask if the table would Don't be pushy or deceptive. like an appetizer. #3 MULTITASK Accomplish three tasks in one trip to the kitchen and back: Write orders down inmmediately Take empty dishes from tables on the a tray when several tables want condiments, drinks, or similar items. Fll way to the kitchen. and make additional notes if necessary. #4 MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL 5 mins 20 mins 9 mins 10 mins Keep track of how long its checked on been since you Become familiar with how Pass on your knowledge of waiting times to the customer. long each meal takes to cook. each table. #5 ANTICIPATE COMMON REQUESTS Become aware of popular requests: Extra silverware, condiment packets, and napkins can be kept in your apron. WOIN More water Silverware Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. #6 NEVER SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING Clean if no customers Look out for other customers, Keep an eye on especially those who trying to flag down their own waiter/waitress. need attention. may be drink levels. #7 ASK QUESTIONS Practices Skils Please Help. Show an interest in learning specific skills or restaurant practices. Always ask how to do something are afraid of making a mistake, Dont ask irritating questions like "What time do I get off?" or "Do I have to do this?" if you #8 MAXIMIZE YOUR NOTEPAD Use your notepad (if you have one). Draw the table plan on the back of your pad. Takes notes about ale/wine/lager lists if you've got a bad memory. #9 BE PUNCTUAL Show up early Check on tables Be honest about for a shift. regularly. cook times. #10 FOCUS ON YOUR JOB Don't spend too much time at one table. Be friendly with customers but overly friendly. Leave outside worries and frustrations at the door. Chef Works Sources http://www.gothinkbig.couk/features/waiting-tables-101-how-to-do-it-well-enjoy-it-ish-and-get-transferable-skills-out-of-it

How to Increase Productivity on the Dining Floor

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This infographic is for restaurant owners who want simple ways to increase productivity on the dining floor.


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