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How to Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

How to Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition The more intelligent your pre and post workout nutrition, the more effective your workout will be. Pre-Workout Pre-workout nutrition provides the energy needed to reach your maximum potential during a workout. With proper nutrition, you are able to complete more reps or lift heavier weights. 30 minutes prior to your workout, choose an easily digestible protein and a fast carbohydrate. Examples of pre-workout snacks: Protein smoothie Glass of skim milk Non-fat yogurt and low fat granola YOGURT Low fat milk with a banana Hard boiled egg with fresh fruit low-fat string cheese with an apple For pre-workout snacks and meals always focus on: Low fat Moderate in carbs and protein Low fiber Includes fluids Familiar foods that do not bother your stomach Post-Workout Proper post-workout nutrition is crucial to gain strength and muscle. You must restore your glycogen stores in order to keep your muscles from breaking down. Examples of post-workout nutrition: Vegetables and chicken Quinoa Protein bars Turkey sandwich or wrap Examples of food with approximately 14 - 30 grams of protein: Protein bar – 20 grams 1 cup of liquid egg whites - 26 grams Half a can of tuna - 22 grams 4 slices of chicken or turkey – 14 grams 2% chocolate milk – 17 grams Greek yogurt – 15 grams Importance of Glycogen During exercise, your body uses sugar stored in our muscles (glycogen) and blood sugar (glucose) as energy. Glycogen supplies glucose for energy during exercise and a reserve supply of glucose so that your blood sugar can be kept at a sufficient level to support the brain. Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscle. Glycogen's role in maintaining blood-glucose levels is especially important because glucose is virtually the only fuel used by the brain, It is a good source of energy for sudden, strenuous activity. Unlike fatty acids, the released glucose can provide energy in the absence of oxygen and can thus supply energy for anaerobic activity. Source ter-exercise meal-ideas/best-pre-and-post-workout-snacks-every-workout tion/what-to-eat/best-pre-workout-snacks-for-morning-exercise PROMAX ENationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing PROTEIN BARS

How to Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

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Taking care of your body is essential so that you can make the most out of your daily workout routine. In order to make sure that your workout is effective you will need to be intelligent with your pr...


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