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How Healthy is Your Ice Cream

How Healthy is Your Ice Cream? Use our chart below to find out. The more scoops you earn the better. We'll even start you off with two free scoops! Start here with two scoops Keep a mental note of how many scoops you earn Shame on you if you have an ice Is it homemade? cream maker Yes -No Good for you! collecting dust Making it is half the fun +2 scoops Does it have more No than 5 ingredients? Is it made with cream and/or milk? You've navigated the frozen food Entering the danger zone Yes aisle well! No Yes +2 Scoops Does it have more than 10 ingredients? Not ice cream. Maybe you're making sorbet? No Yes -2 scoops scoop Did you mix in cookie dough, Oreos, Reese's or M&Ms? Houston, Yes No we have a problem. -2 scoops +1 scoop Is your ice cream made from organic and/or fair trade ingredients? Is the container labeled.. Ice Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert These have partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, HFCS, yuck! Yes No +1 scoop Subtract all scoops You didn't think you'd get scoops for that, did you? Does it contain any of the following ingredients natural or artificial flavors, Stop here! Scoop Nazi partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, HFCS? says "NO SCOOP FOR YOU " Will you be adding toppings like marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whipped topping. Yes -1 scoop No +1 maraschino cherries? scoop No Yes +1 -2 scoops scoop Check out your scoop score to see how your ice cream rates Scoop Score 7 or more or About as healthy as you can get. Just remember ice cream contains high amounts of sugar so don't eat it every day. 4 to 6 Decent. Try going through the chart again to see how you can improve your score. 1 to 3 Not healthy. Unfortunately most mainstream ice cream falls under this score. O or Not food. Need we say more? below Ice Cream Ingredients to Avoid Partially Hydrogenated Oils Artificial Colors High Fructose Corn Syrup Polysorbate 60/80 Milkfat Content for Various Frozen Dessert Types Sodium Benzoate Sucralose Acesulfame Potassium Ice Cream 10-16% 1-2% Lian CASTOREUM: A natural flavor derived from beaver anal glands. Used as a raspberry and vanilla flavoring. Gelato /4-8% Ice Cream Quality Regular Economy be food, smart High Overrun Super Premium Premium Lower Milkfat Content Low Overrun Often Cheaper High Milkfat Content Best Quality Ingredients * Overrun: Amount of air churned into ice cream For more information and to get the full scoop on ice cream, visit

How Healthy is Your Ice Cream

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Ice Cream is definitely a guilty pleasure but some ice creams are worse for you than others. This infographic provides a set of questions to determine if your ice cream is healthy or not. It also prov...


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