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How healthy are energy drinks

HOW HEALTHY ARE ENERGY DRINKS? GOURMET NEARTELAT BEST RECIPES DAILY CONSUMPTION OF 24 OZ. OF DIET COKE CAN BE HARM- Create mild addiction at a daily consumption of 100 mg. of caffeine (24 o. of Diet Coke) WHY CAFFEIN IN 250 Cases DRINKS? Caffeine is not a flavour- ing agent caffeine pro- motes stimulation and continuous use. CAFFEINE INTOXICA- CAFFEINE IS A DRUG When consumed in high amounts, it manipulates the pleasure center of the brain in a similar way alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs do TION The Chicago Poison Control Center identified 250 cases of medical complications related to caffeine abuse 100 mg- addicted 12% required hospitalization average age was 21 yrs. old N. Energy drinks = Ton of caffeine Is caffeine dangerous? Beer companies are now ENERg ACONA POWER producing energy drinks alcohol Energy drink's misleading advertising includes: enormous health claims, no guidelines on consump- tion limits, and questionable athletics benefits. There is an increased use of energy drinks with alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, and non-medical use of prescription drugs. Caffeine H,C The main drug in energy drink is caffeine Caffeine is addictive. Compa- nies include the ingredient to encourage continued con- sumption сн, Energy drinks can contain 11 times more caffeine that a can of Coca Cola Guarana, an unregulated stimulant in energy drinks, intensifies caffeine's effect Energy drink industry. surpassed $10 Billion in 2010 $10,00,00,0 Some energy drinks are banned in Europe Can to can Comparison This illustrates how many 12 oz cans if Coke you would have to drink to equal the same amount of caffeine in an energy drink. O 00 00 00 0000 Most energy drinks come in 16 oz. cans Coca-cola Red Bull Full Throttle Monster Rock Star Wired 344 (8.0 0z) (16 Oz) (16 Oz) (16 Oz) (16 Oz) Coa-Cola

How healthy are energy drinks

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Energy drink industry surpassed $10 Billion in 2010. Some energy drinks are banned in Europe


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