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How to Grill Your Favorite Veggies

HOW TO GRILL YOUR Favorite VEGGIES Grilling Basics Best vegetables fon the grill: Asparagus Cabbage Corn Eggplant Peppers (bell or hot) Mushrooms Onions Due to high water content, avoid grilling: Cucumber Celery Most leafy greens When grilling large vegetables [eike eggplants, squash, and onions] When grilling small vegetables [eike chery tomatoes or sliced veggies] Thread Cut into through kabobs or smaller pieces place in tinfoil The Good Stuff How to grill the perfect vegetables Antichoke DIRECTIONS: Preheat Break off small, Cut off top of artichoke outdoor grill to outside leaves of medium heat artichoke Trim off sharp leaf points with scissors Rub with lemon Soak artichoke in to avoid lemon water for 10 discoloration minutes; rinse Steam until Cut in half Grill until tender, 25-35 minutes, let cool lengthwise, remove choke with spoon golden brown 5-10 minutes COOKING TIME: Until base is tender Brussels Sprouts DIRECTIONS: Wash; remove Cut off the tip Brush with olive oil any damaged leaves and sprinkle with salt and pepper of stem and cut in half 8-10 minutes COOKING TIME: Until seared on both sides Corn DIRECTIONS: Leave the Pull back Pull husk back Twist to up; soak for 15 minutes in cold water secure husk before adding to grill stem and husk, husk on remove silk 10-30 minutes COOKING TIME: Turn several times Fennel DIRECTIONS: Lightly steam large bulbs before grilling Remove stalks Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and cut the bulb in half lengthwise 5-6 minutes COOKING TIME: per side Peppers Place whole peppers on grill over a DIRECTIONS: medium flame 15-20 minutes COOKING TIME: quarter turn every few minutes Remove when peppers are charred, soft, and collapsing Grilling with Ease After prep brush all with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper apaлаgus Carrots Trim ends Peel Grill 5–10 minutes Grill 15-25 minutes Turn every minute until tender Rotate every 4-5 minutes Eggplant Mushroom Cut in half lengthwise or into 4 inch circles Use large caps, like portabellas Grill 4-5 minutes Grill 8–10 minutes per side per side Onions Summer squash /Zucchini Cut into Cut into thirds 2 inch slices or halves Grill 8–10 minutes Grill 5-8 minutes per side per side Make grilling easy with this guide and kick off the summer season with some delicious grilled vegetables at your BBQ. • • • • FIX .com ------- ------

How to Grill Your Favorite Veggies

shared by Ghergich on Jun 30
It’s summer, and the smell of grills heating up and cooking delicious food permeates the air. While grilling hot dogs and hamburgers is simple, grilling vegetables can propose a unique challenge, si...





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