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How Does Chef Clothing Protect Chef in The Kitchen?

How does Chef Clothing Protect the Chef in the Kitchen? * Marie-Antoine Careme, a populər French chef, sought a uniform to honor the chef. He is credited with developing the current chef's HAT/CAP - uniform in the mid-19th century. Traditionally called as Toque Blanc. Keeps sweat out Keeps hair out of the food. of the food. Allows heat dissipation and air circulation thereby keeping a A JACKET chef's head cool. Typically double breasted and long sleeved. It is designed to protect the chef against burns from: APRON Worn from the waist to just below the knee in order to protect the lower body from : Heat from stoves, Scalding steam. ovens and grills. Burns from Food stains. Boiling hot liquid spills and splatters. accidental spillage of hot liquids. Tying the apron in front allows it to be removed quickly. This way the chef can put on a clean Knotted Cloth Buttons are used in order to : apron before meeting customers or entering the dining room. PANTS Keep plastic/metal Quickly remove the jacket in Typically baggy as they prevent: buttons, or pieces of buttons, from case of any ending up in food. emergency. Hot food or liquid from making contact with the chef's skin. Pants with elastic waistband allows it to be removed more quickly and easily. A SHOES K Designed to be comfortable as chefs are on their feet for long periods of time. They protect the chef against: Burns from accidental spillage of hot liquid. Injury from falling cutlery. Slipping on wet or greasy floor. COTTON VERSUS SPUN POLY FABRICS: FABRIC X Spun Poly Fabric Either made from cotton or spun poly fabrics, chef's clothing is designed to: Cotton Comfortable Light weight Fire Protection Wrinkling Shrinking Protect the body Absorb sweat while Be light and comfortable while against injuries from working in a hot working in a hot and steamy environment. Need to Iron accidents. kitchen. Easy to Stain * COLOR White does not absorb heat, but helps reflect it White is traditional, as white signifies cleanliness. But, nowdays black is becoming more popular, as black easily hides stains. back to protect from harsh heat of cooking flames and pans. Chef Works SOURCES X all-you-need-to-know-about-chefs-hat/

How Does Chef Clothing Protect Chef in The Kitchen?

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Check out this infographic to see all the interesting facts about chef clothing and how does it protect the chef while cooking...




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