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How do you cook? Six cooking styles you might recognise

HOW DO YOU COOK? SIX COOKING STYLES YOU MIGHT RECOGNISE HOT HEAD HARD-WORKING, CONFIDENT & COMPETITIVE Blunt - speaks his @ mind even if it often lands him in Likes to be in control yet gets stressed very easily. trouble! Sarcastic in Motivated to be the best they humour, yet often very charming. can be. Always right. KALE QUEEN HEALTHY, BOOK-LOVING NATURE ENTHUSIAST Instagrams every Goes to the single meal. gym for fun! Calm, polite, optimistic and proud. Enjoys yoga, adult colouring books and visiting organic food markets. Will put anything in a smoothie maker. OF THE READY TO BARBEQUE COME RAIN OR SHINE! Normally wouldn't cook, but the BBQ is his domain! A man of simple tastes. Usually meat and beer. WILL COOK FOR BEER Enjoys DIY and building homemade Relaxed at his BBQ - without a care in the world. garden furniture. BAKE OFF WANNABE DREAMS OF BECOMING A DOMESTIC GODDESS Watches all the cooking shows. Is more interested in baking than eating. Has all the Her creations gadgets, but doesn't know how to use half of them. inevitably set off the smoke alarm. Sleeves rolled up and flour in her hair. Frequently resorts to packet mixes when her cakes don't quite go to plan. RECIPE PURIST A PERFECTIONIST DOING THINGS BY THE BOOK Overly hard on themselves. Failure is not an option. Super organised with an immaculate home - especially the kitchen! Relies on recipes and to do lists, would have a meltdown otherwise. Owns ALL the Measures recipe books. everything twice. The meal will always turn out picture perfect. TASTE BUD TESTER CREATIVE, ADVENTUROUS & OUTGOING Loves experimenting with spices. Can tell you the name and Scoville Impervious to spicy food. Or so they rating of the world's hottest chilli pepper. claim... When not cooking, they're probably skydiving or rock climbing. Loves travelling, having adventures and tasting exciting new foods. Brought to you by: CDA Built for your life IC

How do you cook? Six cooking styles you might recognise

shared by BoomOnline on Apr 24
There are quite a few different personalities when it comes to cooking. We decided to make an infographic showing a few of them. Can you recognise them? If you like this infographic please feel free...




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