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How Coffee Changed America

2nd US coffee MOST TRADED drinkers consume COMMODITY IN THE Cöffee How 3.1 WORLD, taking a backseat only to petroleum, with the coffee market earning nearly 60 billion dollars annually. 9 oz. cups on average per day. changed America The 1670 2nd MOST RECOGNIZABLE ODOR nation's IN AMERICA the smell of burning wood. only surpassed by MOST Dorothy Jones of Boston was granted a license to sell coffee, and so became the FIRST AMERICAN COFFEE TRADER. POPULAR DRINK that isn't water. I688 By 1688, COFFEE REPLACED BEER as New York City's favorite breakfast drink. 1700's In the middle 1700s, tea and coffee were equally favored; many taverns doubled as coffee houses. 1861 - 1865 THIS ALL CHANGED AS A RESULT OF THE FAMOUS The CIVIL WAR IN THE UNITED BOSTON TEA PARTY OF 1773. Thereafter it was unpatriotic to drink tea. STATES ELEVATED THE POPULARITY OF COFFEE to new Colonist found that they could import coffee from south and central America, and more importantly, without the help of the British. DRINKING COFFEE heights. Soldiers went to war with coffee beans as a primary ration. BECAME A SIGN OF INDEPENDENCE AND AMERICAN AUTONOMY. 1865 JAMES MASON CREATED THE THE BOSTON TEA PARTY OF 1773 was planned in a COFFEE PERCOLATOR, providing the foundation of the modern coffee coffee house called "The Green Dragon". maker, and also making coffee much more accesible to the middle class. Both the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE and THE WALL ST BANK OF NEW YORK STARTED IN COFFEEHOUSES on what is today known as Wall Street. 1901 The first soluble "INSTANT" COFFEE IS INVENTED by Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato of Chicago. The founding fathers of the U.S., during the revolution, FORMED THEIR NATIONAL STRATEGIES IN COFFEEHOUSES. 1914-1918 DURING WORLD WAR I, DEHYDRATED PACKETS OF COFFEE 1920-1930's After returning from the war, soldiers were so WERE STANDARD IN MILITARY used to drinking coffee several times a day RATIONS. To the dismay of their that THE NUMBER OF COFFEE HOUSESs commanding officers, soldiers would often use their emergency matches to warm their small, metal cups. GREW 450% IN THE YEARS FOLLOWING wwI. Up to that point, people generally went to a restaurant to eat or a coffee house or tavern to drink. 1940-1950's THE BRITISH MAY HAVE INVENTED "TEA TIME" BUT AMERICA INVENTED THE "COFFEE BREAK". The practice began in WW Il era war effort factories to give workers a brief rest and a The returning soldiers, however, wanted to be able to drink coffee and eat food at a jolt of caffeine. Thanks to a clever advertising campaign in the mid 1950s by the Pan American Coffee Bureau, 70-80% of neighborhood store.THUS, THE ICONIC AMERICAN DINER WAS BORN. American workers were taking a coffee break - both factory and office workers. 1970's THE 1970'S BIRTHED SPECIALTY COFFEE HOUSES, most famously Starbucks in Seattle in 1971, which sold freshly roasted beans and brewing equipment. 1995-PRESENT By 1995, Starbucks had become a pop culture reference, with a store on every block, and, in some cases, every corner. The Starbucks model was copied worldwide. From 1995 to 2000, COFFEE CONSUMPTION SKYROCKETED, RISING A WHOPPING 700%. From 2000 to now, coffee has showed no signs of dwindling popularity! On average, coffee drinkers will spend AMERICANS OVER 18 DRINK COFFEE.. Which means that 80% OF AMERICA $164" every morning drinks coffee. 18% Coffee drinkers that a cup to go will wait in line for nearly 52% sometimes 30% 45 HOURS - 1 FULL MORK or WEEK COFFEE DRINKERS never per year on coffee, each year. PRESENTED BY: LUMIN İNTERACTIVE | Need an infographic? Shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll take care of you like one of our own :) SOURCES:

How Coffee Changed America

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How Coffee Changed America from 1670 to 2012


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