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How to Buy a Commercial Fryer

Need a commercial fryer? Here's some things to think about before you buy: Commercial Fryers Guide 0. Presented by #1 Restaurant Supply Superstore Power: Gas or Electric Cook Heat Cold Zone or Trash Trash Sediment Zone Gas-Open Design Electric & Gas-Tube Design • Easier to clean than electric or tube designs • More efficient than gas (heating element is inside the oil, allowing it to heat up more quickly than gas units, which have to heat the container first) • Less oil consumption and waste (smaller amount of waste circulates throughout the oil) • Easier to transport than gas (only require an electrical outlet - no gas line needed) • May be less expensive to operate than electric • Faster recovery between frying cycles than gas • Also available as LP (liquid propane) for Food Trucks & Mobile Kitchens Design: Capacity & Type 6o.8 Tank Capacity The amount of oil the fryer can hold; used to measure production of fryer, which is usually 1.5 to 2 times the weight of the oil Many 60lb fryers produce 120lbs of Fries per hour Types of Fryers Open-Pot Tube Flat-Bottom Open-Pot fryers have exposed heating areas. Gas units warm the frying con- Tube Fryers have tube-shaped elements that are permanently attached to the frying Flat-Bottom fryers have no sediment zone, enabling contaminants to come into tainer from the outside while contact with food during the cooking cycle. They are intended for usage on delicate items like taco shells, tortilla chips, and tempura, electric units utilize a heating container. element immersed in oil. The elements in most 6o.8 electric open-pot fryers fold up to make cleaning easier. which float near the surface of oil. •Can be used for a broad range of frying needs • Wide sediment zone • Work well for foods battered in liquid to to make it better for heavy sediment frying • Easily adaptable for cooking a wide range of foods •Great for specialty foods • Best with food products •Great value • Easiest to clean • Up to 7 year warranty on high efficiency models that float – like funnel cakes and fresh-battered food • Small sediment zone - not suited for heavily battered items • Harder to clean than open-pot fryers • Usually more expensive than open-pot fryers • Not easy to clean •Can cause food to taste burnt or appear black if sediment is not cleaned • Not ideal for specialty products frequently • French fries • Hot wings • Tortilla Chips • Taco Shells •Onion blossoms • Fried chicken • Fried fish •Cheese sticks • Donuts • Poppers • Funnel Cakes • Tempura Oil: Things to Know The expense of a commercial fryer goes well beyond the initial purchase. Oil is a major factor in a fryer's operational costs, so be sure to indude it when determining your total expenses. Cost Think about the temperature you will be cooking at when selecting oil, which smokes and burns at high heat. Be sure to ask your oil supplier for guidance here. Smoking Point The taste of different oils varies and can impart dramatically different flavors upon the food that you're cooking. Some oils are light in flavor while others have a bold, rich flavor that could be overpowering for certain types of foods. Foods that may present allergy issues should have their own separate (or split) frypots. Taste Now more than ever, customers are concerned about how the food they eat affects their health. Choosing unsaturated fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils instead of saturated and trans fats makes your food healthier and more appealing to health-conscious guests. Nutrition Oil Smoking Point Taste Nutrition Partially- hydrogenated vegetable oils have trans fats, which could Vegetable 453 F Mild increase the risk of heart disease Lowers bad cholesterol Light (good substitute for Corn 453 F olive oil) Significant amount of poly- unsaturated fats, helpful for low- ering cholesterol Sunflower 468 F Bland Significant amount of poly- unsaturated fats, helpful for low- ering cholesterol Safflower 446 F Flavorless Canola 468 F Mild Contains less saturated fat than other types of oils; good for lowering cholesterol Grape Seed Light 400 F Lowers bad cholesterol (good substitute for olive oil) Nextra 450 F Meaty Cholesterol and trans fat free; lowers LDL Peanut 471 F Nutty Can cause aller- gic reactions for some people; includes reversa- trol, which has been shown to lower cardiovas- cular and cancer risks O Accessories: what Else DoINeed? Gas Connectors & Hoses Proper connectors and hoses prevent gas leaks and ensure safe operation of gas fryers. Fryer Cleaners & Brushes Fryer Baskets Regular cleanings are crucial for maintaining your fryer and preserving food safety. Keeping extra fryer baskets on hand for the lunch rush and busy dinner days can make your business more efficient. In addition to the fryer and oil, there are several accessories you'll need Sediment Trays Filters Fine mesh screens designed exclusively to fit inside the cold zone to catchcre sediment. Should be purchased with every open pot fryer. In addition to trapping debris that sticks to food, filters also improve the flavor of food and save you money on oil by preserving oil longer. s and Cost: Save Money & Energy Consider the Costs %3= Lifetime Cost of Operation %3D Equipment Utilities Oil Foodservice establishments interested in going green and saving money will find a number of energy-efficient and cost-effective commercial fryer options. • Minimum cooking efficiency of 80% for electric and 50% for gas energith • Check with local utilities to compare energy costs and find out about EnergyStar rebates you may qualify for ENERGY STAR • Rebates are commonly $250 - $750 per fry pot Energy-Star Rated Use 40% less oil and 10% less energy Ideal for those who want low energy and oil costs and are able to effectively manage and filter oil, including: • Chains • Emerging Chains/Restaurants •Convenience Stores • Healthcare • Business & Industry • Colleges & Universities • Military Oil Conserving Not agreat fit for: • High sediment cooking • Cooking fresh cut French fries • Businesses that are unable to filter oil regularly Consider these factors before shopping to make finding the right fryer for your business fast & easy! Presented by #1 Restaurant Supply Superstore Great for frying Disadvantages Advantages

How to Buy a Commercial Fryer

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Time to make the decision process easier. The ins and outs of buying a commercial fryer for your business!


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