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How Alcohol Enhances Your Life

ALCOHOL REALLY MAKE YOU HAPPIER2 To drink is human... to drink alcohol is SUPERHUT THE PARTY GOT STARTED at the baginming of a time 10 MILLION Human's caught their first buzz by eating rotten fruit that had turned alcoholic YEARS AGO Aided survival by increasing available food supply HUMANS HAVE BEEN FERMENTING alcoholic beverages FOR OVER 10,000 YEARS 6,000 YEARS AGO Egyptian slaves were given 1.3 gallons of beer per day while building the pyramids I, II, III VINUM! FACITE!! dulcis Grapevine production was ordered by the Roman senate & wine flowed freely to the public 2,000 YEARS AGO The rales of social drinihing INFLUENCE OUR BEHAVIOR MORE THAN ACTUAL DRINKING LAWS Duik UKE A KMG WHY WHAT & WHERE YOU DRINK MATTERS Who likes to take the edge off? According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism 87.6% OF AMERICANS OVER 18 HAVE CONSUMED ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES 1 in 6 BINGE DRINK ONCE A WEEK U.S. ADULTS Consuming an average of 8 DRINKS IN ONE SITTING What does your drink say about you? Beaverages DECLARE WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WANT TO BE natiwe drinhs National identity is closely linked to BOURBON TEQUILA BEER for Americans for Mexicans for Germans When should you pop bottles? define the nature Alcohol is used to of an event, situation, or celebration CHAMPAGNE WINE BEER SHOTS associated with celebrations with meals for casual gatherings are for getting s#!% faced! Where is your local watering hole? In 2015 $24 BILLION Drinking culture varies from country to country WAS GENERATED BY U.S. BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS GERMANY holds a month long festival celebrating beer known as Oktoberfest BARS TEND TO BE MORE SOCIALLY ACCEPTING Different rules & customs than normal society Allow people to “loosen up" HUNGARY Hungarian Gypsies only drink Brandy in the morning, during wakes, or before scavenging missio SPAIN Spanish bars are more family forward than the U.S. and even allow under age children SOUTH KOREANS like to drink "bombs," different mixtures of whiskey and beer Why do we celebrate by drinking? DRINKING MARKS THE SHIFT FROM WORK TO PLAY 51.2 of American's had a drink on St. Patrick's day in 2016 ALCOHOL IS A TRADITIONAL PART OF OUR SYMBOLIC RITUALS and aids the transition from one phase of life to the next MARRIAGES BIRTHDAYS NEW JOBS RETIREMENT BECAUSE NO GREAT STORY EVER STARTED WITH A Selad LIQUID COURAGE & CATCHING A HANGOVER What happens when you party too hard? HEAVY DRINKING DEPLETES ENDORPHINS, resulting in a physical & emotional hangover that can leadto: Headache Nausea Dizziness Dehydration Mood imbalances Over indulging isn't just about avoiding a hangověr 31% OF U.S. DRIVING FATALITIES ARE CAUSED BY DRUNK DRIVERS Men are 2X more likely to die from alcohol related causes than women are But can alcohol be good for your mind and body? ALCOHOL ALSO RELEASES ENDORPHINS in pleasure centers in the brain Some things that release endorphins Exercise Meditation Sunshine Alcohol Create stronger sense of PLEASURE as well as INTOXICATION Causes feelings of HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, & LOWERED INHIBITIONS RISING LEVELS OF ENDORPHINS Can create a EUPHORIC STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS when highly intoxicated 3 to 4 DRINKS 4 to 5 DRINKS FOR WOMEN FOR MEN Gond for Youd or OR WHAT? you SO IS ALCOHOL 1 TO 2 DRINKS A DAY IS SHOWN TO HAVE POSITIVE HEALTH BENEFITS LOWERS RISK OF HEART DISEASE IMPROVES LIBIDO & REDUCES RISK OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION BY 25-30% 23% LESS LIKELY TO DEVELOP ALZHEIMER'S OR OTHER FORMS OF DEMENTIA REDUCES RISK OF TYPE 2 DIABETES COMPARED TO NON-DRINKERS drinh REMEMBER TO STAY HAPPY WHILE YOU. Sources: Presented by:,47552 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

How Alcohol Enhances Your Life

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Alcohol is a common way to relax and unwind, but it can also lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Learn more about how alcohol may enhance your life!






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