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How 30 Types of Bread Are Made

HOWO 30TH TYPES OF BREAD ARE MADE Yeast-activated Flour made from whole wheat grains (including bran, germ, kernel) Wheat bread Flour made from grains that have sprouted or germinated (millet, lentils, soybeans, spelt, and barley are common ingredients) Sprouted bread (Ezekiel) Coarse wheat flour Molasses Kneippbrød (cracked wheat berries) Norway MALT Plain flour Malt extract Raisins and (melted with molasses and sugar) prunes (best soaked overnight in black tea) Malt loaf England 450° Dough is baked at a high temperature for crispiness Flour Salt By law in France, Baguette bread cannot have added oil or fat France Sourdough starter (whole-grain flour mixed with cool water left to ferment at a warm room Bread flour Olive oil Sea salt Sourdough temperature) Sourdough starter (whole-grain flour mixed with cool water left to Coarsely ground rye flour Brown sugar ferment at a warm room temperature) Pumpernickel Molasses Unsweetened Germany сосоа рowder Dough is proofed for 12 hours at a low Flour Sweetener Boiled for 60-90 Bagel (barley malt, honey, sugar) seconds, then baked at high temperatures Poland temperature Flour and Eggs and oil are Washed with egg white before baking sugar mixture whisked into the flour Challah mixture, creating a shaggy dough Israel Flour Plenty of eggs and softened butter (for a tender, rich texture) Brioche France Hominy is ground into maize flour Cooked on Hominy (dried corn maize kernels that have been treated with limewater in a Rolled into a very hot griddle flat circles Corn tortilla process called nixtamalization) Меxico + Flour Yogurt Olive oil Traditionally cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven Naan Egg India Yudane (sandy flour and water paste made in a saucepan) is key for the fluffy texture Butter Warm milk Milk bread Cream Eggs Japan Strong flour (high gluten) Dough is mixed until it is almost as wet and sticky as batter Water (high moisture content creates the Ciabatta chewy texture and airy holes) Italy No kneading needed; it is spread across the pan with fingertips to create holes Strong flour (high gluten) Olive oil Herbs and spices Focaccia Italy 000 Cooked on a Teff flour fermented with water for up to 3 days hot pan Injera Ethiopia Flour Water Sugar Salt Lavash Rolled flat and slapped against the walls of a clay oven Armenia High-protein bread flour Glazed with baking soda, flour, and water before baking (enhancing the Maillard reaction, which yields a brown crust) Nan-e barbari Topped with sesame seeds Cooked in a Iran tonir oven Egg Cassava or Pão de queijo Olive oil, water, milk, and salt are boiled, and then flour and garlic are Minas cheese tapioca flour Brazil stirred in Baked at high heat, turning the water in the dough to steam, which creates pockets that can be opened Salt Pita Flour Water Middle East Coarse Buttermilk and Raisins Soda bread baking soda react to create gas bubbles flour and nuts Ireland Dough is steamed in baskets until bouncy Mantou Wheat Baking powder Water Sugar flour China Flour Water Lard or vegetable shortening (for savory, moist flavor) Pan Cubano Cuba Wheat Cinnamon Sugar Butter Sesame Roti gambang flour seeds Indonesia Grated cassava Pan-fried Bammy bread soaked in coconut milk, then strained Jamaica Topped with a rice flour, sugar, yeast, and toasted sesame oil mixture (creating the crunchy, tiger-stripe top) Bread flour Tijgerbrood Netherlands Wheat Lemon and Butter Rum flour orange zest Decorative shapes are added (often to symbolize family union and prosperity) Karavai Egg Egg wash Russia Whole egg is dropped into the slots on top Wheat Eggs, milk, butter, salt, sugar, and vanilla create a Made in a flour Gyeran-ppang gyeran-ppang machine, which has oblong slots pancake-like batter of the batter South Korea Baking soda and baking powder Flour Butter Dough is folded multiple times, then pressed out and cut (creating air pockets) Biscuit Milk United States Fermented rice Soaked rice is Cooked in a flour (rice soaked in water for hours) hot wok or Appam blended with grated coconut, salt, and sugar kadai Sri Lanka HOW LONG TO COOK .ORG || || ||

How 30 Types of Bread Are Made

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Bread baking in the oven is one of the most delicious and comforting aromas. From rich Indian naan and decadent English malt loaf to soft, melt-in-your-mouth French brioche and pillowy Japanese milk b...


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