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How 2 Make a Proper Chip Butty

Peter Scarks Design 21* century creative team HOWTO HOW TO MAKE A PROPER CHIP BUTTY As somebody once said, 'l don't knowanyone who doesn'tlike chips, even dogs like chips'! They're notwrong. Good quality chips are delicious. Achip butty is even more delicious, althoughforitto be a proper chip sandwich, itneeds attention to detail in key areas. Here's a quick guide to making a great chip sandwich. 1 THE POTATO For me, it has to be a King Edward. After chipping them into fat, thumb-sized strips - you don't want them to be too big- leave them to soak in water for as long as possible, changing it regularly. Par-boil the potatoes for about 8 minutes and drain, lightly shaking the pan to create a roughness to the outer part of the potatoes. Pop them in the fridge to firm up. 2 THE COOKING OIL Sunflower or corn oil? Both are excellent. When you're ready to cook you need to get the temperature up to 190°c. This will create the magic when the cold chips hit the hot oil and create the crispiness you're looking for from the rough outer edges outlined in stage 1 3 THE CHIP You can tell when a chip is ready. The hot oil will have crisped up the rough edges. They should not look pallid and they should not be too dark either. Take the chips out of the pan, shake off the excess oil, then put them in a basket lined with kitchen roll. Lay them generously across a slice of crusty white bread seasoned with saltand vinegar. Add your choice of condimentand eat straightaway. Proper food! chips 4 THE BREAD I'm happy to eat white sliced bread, the Chorleywood way, butl prefer crusty white bread, cut into thick slices, coated with butter, with a generous handful of crispy chips sandwiched in between. Saltand vinegar added. Mmmm! 5 THE SPREAD The most unemotional, anti-gastronomic foodstuff known to man is margarine. The fish and chip industry has adopted this nasty little interloper and it should not be allowed anywhere near bread. For it to be a proper chip sandwich it has to be butter. Golden rule. 6 THE CONDIMENTS I prefer my chip butty with just salt and vinegar. To be honest, red and brown sauce is for others. A note about vinegar. If you have home made pickled onions, sprinkle the oniony liqueur onto your chips for that extra splash of flavour. Peter Scarks Design 21* century creative team

How 2 Make a Proper Chip Butty

shared by peterscarks on Feb 18
To celebrate National Chip Week 2015 in the UK, Peter Scarks Design has designed an infographic to show how to make a proper chip sandwich.


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