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Hotter than the Sun

HOTTER SUN The heat in à chilli is measured in units called the SCOVILLE SCALE ANATOMY Calyx The Scoville Scale* was the first laboratory approach to measuring capsaicin. A sample of chilli extract is diluted and tasted by 5 people until heat can no longer be detected. Pepper Wall Placenta Pimento 300 Approximate Scoville Heat Unit/ The greater the radius, the spicier Seeds Jalapeno 5,250 Veins the chilli. Chipotle 7,500 Stem Cayenne 40,000 Leaf All of the heat in the chilli pepper is produced in the placenta that holds the seeds- not from the seeds or the flesh themselves. It's the seeds rubbing Tabasco 40,000 Heat levels Super Chile 45,000 are the results of the plant's genetics and the environment 150,000 in which it grows. The riper the chili, the hotter it is. Jamaican Hot against the placenta that makes them spicy Scotch Bonnet 225.000 Red Savina GAPSAICIN Habanero 575000 The heat in a chili pepper is caused by a group of alkaloids called capsaicin. There are currently 15 different capsaicinoids making up capsaicin, meaning there are endless possibilities for flavour Infinity Chilli 1,100,000 and heat combinations. Naga Viper 1,300,000 SPICE WORLD Trinidad Scorpion -. Butch T Trinidad 1,463,000 Moruga Scorpion 2,000,000 It gets hotter! Ever since, it has been incorporated into most of All chili peppers have roots in the world's X cuisines. the Americas. They're thought to have been domesticated 7000 years ago Columbus brought them to Europe, and subsequently to Africa and Asia after his first voyage to the Americas. GROW YOUR OWN US Police Pepper Spray 5,000,000 START INSIDE HARDEN OFF TRANSPLANT with early maturing seeds indoors 8 to 10 your seedlings by exposing them to outdoor temperatures 21°C and night time are (not freezing) for a bit longer each day when daytime temperatures average weeks before the last expected frot. around 13°C. THEY LOVE GROW IN FULL SUN HT Hotter still! WEATHER, MOIST LOTS OF CALIUM SOIL pH 65 Peppers like hot water! Water during dry spells, at least 2 inches a week, especially Use a balanced fertiliser Adding liquid fish and plant feed, such as Tomorite, to help grow the fruit of the plants. fertilizer once a month is critical. Never ever use peat pots, peat after the fruit is set pellets, or potting soil that is mostly peat. Pure Capsaicin 15,500,000 STOP THE BURN! Milk, yoghurt and other dairy products can soothe the burning If you get the oil on your skin, clean the spot with rubbing alcohol and then soak it in milk. If you get capsaicinoids in your eyes the only thing you can do is repeatedly rinse with because of a substance called casein. water *The Scoville Scale is not an exact science. The numbers provided are only an estimation. -------

Hotter than the Sun

shared by mariaonzain on Oct 01
Are Habanero peppers hotter than tabasco? How is the spiciness measured? Can chillies grow in any climate? What is the best way to stop the burn? have just launched the data visualiz...


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