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Horses for Courses - Everything You Need to Know About Horse Cuisine

HORSES FOR COURSES Everything you need to know about horse cuisine HORSE MEAT CUTS & PIECES Let's get one thing straight: eating horse when you think it's beef is no laughing matter. The fact still remains that the horse has a long and proud culinary tradition and is eaten around the world. So rather than be squeamish about it, let's have a look at what juicy cuts of horse are best and how you should cook it. SIRLON LOIN SIRLON IS GREAT GRILLED FILLET IS A PERFECT STRIP LON RIBS SHOULDER ROASTING OR GRILLING CUT IS PERFECT ROASTED RIB EYE STEAK PERFECT OR GRILLED GOOD ROASTED & GRILLED MEAT OFTEN FOR BRAISING RUMP GRILLED ROASTED OR BRAISED GROUND ROUND STEAKS NSDE ROUND & SIRLON TP MAKE GREAT CUTS FOR ROASTING OR GRILLING NECK GREAT FOR STEWS & CASSEROLES BLADE / BREAST BLADE CAN BE ROASTED BREAST IS GOOD BRAISED CR STEWED HIND SHANK SPARE RIBS ROASTING JOINT MEAT EATEN OFF OR GROUND BONE OR BONES USED FOR SOUPS & STOCKS BONES USE THESE TO MAKE STOCKS & BASES FOR SOUPS FLANK / BELLY STEAK VERY LEAN MANLY GROUND GENERAL TIPS PREPARE SAME WAY AS BEEF VERY TENDER SO SHORTER COOKING TIMES NEEDED CAN BE USED FOR THIN STEAKS DISHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD KARTA Dried or smoked horse rectum BASASHI Sliced thin and eaten raw in Japan in a similar way to sushi. They've even turned it into ice cream for some strange HORSEMEAT BURGER Actually a very popular way of using ground horse. (yes, the rectum) eaten in Kazakhstan. ZHAL KAZY Kazakh smoked sausages made with rib meat and intestines, dried then braised. Flown into London 2012 for the Kazakh Olympic team. You guessed it, it's the Kazakhs again. This time serving the layer of fat under the horse's mane - but only to special guests. reason. SAUERBRATEN A German 'sour roast' served with a sweet sauce made from raisins. BAGUSHI HORSE STEAK TARTARE Finely chopped horse steak, served raw in the same way as beef tartare. Many argue horse is the true origin of the PASTISSADA DE CAVAL A rich hearty stew originating from the area around Verona Skewered horse grilled in Japan at special barbecues called yakiniku. in Northern Italy. A perfect use for the braising cuts of ZHAYA tartare. horse, often served with Salted and smoked meat from polenta. the hip and hind legs. LAHAM TEZ-ZIEMEL A Maltese dish of marinated horse meat in thick gravy. WHERE DOES HORSEMEAT COME FROM? When the horse meat scandal first came galloping over the horizon, everyone in the UK thought immediately of our neighbours, the French, who are well known for their love of dining on old dobbin. But the French are mere ponies in the world of horse meat production, pipped to the post by a surprising number of countries both in Europe and further afield. KAZAKHSTAN - 66000 POLAND - 18000 O• UKRANE - 1300 BUSSIA - BO000 CANADA - 18000 FRANCE - 7500 SPAN - 5000 • MONGOLIA - 38000 CHNA - 204000 KYRGYZSTAN - 26000 MEXICO - 79000 SENEGAL - 9500 • • COLOMBIA - 6000 BRAZL - 21000 URUGUAY - 8000 AUSTRALIA - 24000 CHLE - 10000 TOP 20 HORSEMEAT PRODUCING COUNTRIES AS OF 2009 TONS OF HORSEMEAT PRODUCED ANNUALLY "ESTIMATED HORSE Horse hunters Holy horses! It's likely that horses were eaten during the ice age. Ancient horse bones with spear damage have been found in the UK. Pope Gregory II banned eating horse in 732 AD in an attempt to eradicate Pagan rituals throughout Europe. MEAT HISTORY The Horse Come equine War horse with me Meat Mob The Romans didn't eat In 1948 there was horses, not for ethical reasons but due to their reliance on the animals for use in war. The Society for the Propagation of Horse- flesh Food held a banquet in outrage as gangsters were found to be an Article of supplying butchers with horse, passing it off as beef. How times London in 1868. It didn't catch on.. change. HOW MUCH FOR THAT PONY IN THE WINDOW? It's a speciality meat here in the UK and you can find it at specialist suppliers, but how does it stack up compared to other rare meats? We had a look at how much it would cost for a kilo of exotic animals - from kangaroo chop to python fillet. average C price per kg (£) 16.03 30.96 43.01 52.A 77.40 27.60 78.82 27.84 36.95. 33.66 37.59 46.60 Horse Zebra Ostrich Crocodile Kangaroo Alpaca Wildebeest Wagyu Beef Wild Boar Camel Blesbok Elk Water Buffalo Llama Springbok Python Reindeer Impala Bison Sources: Eat Not This Flesh: Food Avoidances from Prehistory to the Present domestiques/viande-chevaline/methodes-cuisson-viande-chevaline.en.html 2012-Olympics-Kazakhstan-to-ship-horse-meat-for-wrestlers-and-weightlifters-in-London.html horsemeat-scandal--1948-Archive-newsreel-shows-UK-food-chain-rocked-crisis-65-years-ago.html?ito-feeds-newsxml document 2.htm Frederick J. Simoons GREAT BRITISH CHEFS ARGENTINA - 66000 ROMANIA - 14000 ITALY-48000 20-29 30-33 70-79 68-08

Horses for Courses - Everything You Need to Know About Horse Cuisine

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Let's get one thing straight, eating horse when you think it's beef is no laughing matter. The fact still remains that the horse has a long and proud culinary tradition and is eaten around the world. ...


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