Home Cooks Look for Inspiration DATAPOINTS HOME COOKS LOOK FOR INSPIRATION Food websites are the No. 1 inspiration for home cooks to try new recipes for their families, according to a report from The website, which partnered with The Hartman Group to survey 1,391 members, also found that while consumers predominantly use desktop or laptop computers to search for recipes online, they are increasingly using smartphones and tablets. Visits to via mobile devices were up 218% in 2011. The survey found that 51% of shoppers reported using a smartphone while grocery shopping and 40% used a smartphone for creating shopping lists. The survey also highlighted some emerging eating trends, with views of sandwich-related recipes up 16% in 2011. The website attributes this in part to the growth in popularity of food trucks, which often specialize in innovative varieties of the portable, handheld meals. StillI, only 4% of users had reported trying a Vietnamese Banh-mi sandwich. SOURCE: Tablet Use in Meal Planning/Prep Healthy Snacks Smartphone Use in Meal Planning/Prep 57% (% who tried and liked, or are interested) , While cooking 77% 76% FINDING RECIPES 37% CREATING SHOPPING LISTS 40% 21% Watching cooking videos 13% WHILE GROCERY SHO PPING While grocery shopping 11% of shoppers are 51% Finding recipes 40% WATCHING COOKING VIDEOS reading food 29% 29% 6% 37% WHILE COOKING labels more than Creating shopping lists 20% they used to 17% "Mobile technology enhances the shopper's ability to seek, find, and notate whenever and wherever the mood for food arises." - ALLRECIPES.COM 2012 INSIGHT & TRENDS REPORT Trendy Sandwiches (% who have tried these sandwiches) Why Cut Back on Meat? 77% Eat healthier ... .80% 59% 59% 59% 55% I enjoy meatless dishes. .38% Save money .32% Environmental concerns... 16% 19% 18% I am against animal cruelty ... 13% 8% 4% Diet restrictions. PULLED PORK PANINIS WITH HUMMUS ON PITA FLAVORED BREAD WITH GRILLED CHEESE WITH FRUIT MEXICAN BANH-MI TORTAS WITH FLAVORFUL ARTISAN SPREADS CHEESES Friends/family cutting back .. 5% BREADS Why Try Mini-Desserts? Д7о/. Portion control 38% Cute and fun.. 30% Variety.. 16% Curiosity ..6% Other 10% Increase in searches for half-and-half as a recipe ingredient in 2011 56% Finding Inspiration 48% 43% 40% (What inspires home cooks to try new dishes) 33% 25% 21% 20% 18% 13% 10% 9% 9% 2% 0% EMAIL FRIENDS NEW FOOD TWITTER FOOD WEB- SITES FOOD TV NEWS- SHOWS LETTERS MAGS. REST- GROCERY MOM'S ONLINE GROCERY PAPER AURANT COUPONS COOKING FOOD VIDEOS NEWS- FOOD OR MOM BLOGGERS FACE- BOOK TRUCKS POSTS STORE FOOD ITEMS SECTION Whole Grain Chips zUsenbsUN Kale Chips paisPoI

Home Cooks Look for Inspiration

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Consumers are more likely to look for positive nutritional benefits such high fiber content or whole grains than they are to seek out products with “reduced” negative attributes, such as sugar or carbs...


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