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History Of Coffee Timeline

The History of Coffee The story that started thousands of years ago has gone through many ups and downs and is immensely popular today. This history of coffee timeline is dedicated to all the coffee lovers in the world. At first, coffee reigned in a small region. The rise of the coffee empire started when the very first ship sailed form Mocha to Europe. Let's look at the crucial moments of coffee history timeline. 1401-1500 1601-1700 The British brought coffee to New York First exported to the world from Yemen Starting with Netherlands, who later started commercial production of coffee 1616 through their colonies and became the main supplier of Europe. 1629 First coffeehouse started in Venice 1651 |First coffee shop in England 1672 First coffeehouse First establishment of coffee 1673 established in Paris house in Germany 1675 1670 More than 3000 coffeehouses in England First cultivation started in India BOSTON First coffeehouse in 1676 喜 America started its journey in Boston 1699 First cultivation in Caribbean (Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the First cultivation in Dominican Republic), Jamaica, Puerto Rico) 1715 -1730 Java (Indonesia) 1730 1723 First cultivation in South America First coffee plant/seeds introduced in America First cultivation started in Haiti. 1734 That time Haiti was known as Saint-Domingue, a French colony 1773 A large numbers of Americans started drinking coffee instead of tea, after the Boston Tea Party. During the American Revolution, 1788 it was believed that the drinking tea is unpatriotic. Haiti (Saint-Domingue) supplied half of the Brazil became the largest world's coffee. produce of coffee. 1852 1820 First isolation of pure caffeine from coffee beans by German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge First Roasted beans sold on retail market (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) 1865 First moka-pot invented by Alfonso Bialetti in Turin, Italy 1933

History Of Coffee Timeline

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The journey of coffee is totally extraordinary. According to legends, coffee was discovered in 850 A.D. in Ethiopia. The first era of coffee was confined in the Middle East. In the 15th Century, cof...




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