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The History of Coffee- Parcel Coffee

THE HISTORY OF COFFEE 12 9,11, 13 10 18, 19, 20 15 CIRCA A.D. 800 An Ethiopian farmer notices his goat herd frolicking with high O 1713 Louis XIV receives a coffee tree from the Dutch for his royal garden in energy after ingesting cherries from a nearby coffee tree - he decides to join Paris, Jardin des Plantes. them and the rest is history. 12 1721 The first coffee house opens in Berlin. CIRCA 1000 Coffee beans are first cultivated and brewed in Arabia by Arab traders. Coffee spreads with Islam to the Mediterranean, North Africa, and O 1723 French naval officer Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu, requests clippings from the coffee tree in Paris to start new plants in the Caribbean French colony, Martinique. He is denied, so he raids the garden to take a seedling from the tree with him back to Martinique. India. 1453 - 1475 Ottoman Turks introduce coffee to Constantinople and the world's first coffee shop is opened. CIRCA 1600 Baba Budan, an Indian smuggler-pilgrim, brings fertile coffee seeds 0 1723- 1770 At Martinique, de Clieu plants the seedling which eventually from Mecca to India. The coffee plants from these seeds start a growth of coffee production that soon reaches European colonies. produces approximately 18 million coffee trees within 50 years. This coffee would eventually make its way to Latin America. 1600 In Italy, Pope Clement VIII makes coffee an acceptable "Christian" beverage. 16 1727 Brazil wittingly steals coffee tree seedlings from French Guiana, and thus their coffee industry was born. 1645 The first coffeehouse opens in Italy. 16 1800 Brazil becomes the world's greatest coffee empire and makes coffee commercially available to the masses. 1652 The first coffeehouse opens in England. 7 1830 Brazil is followed by Cuba, Java, and Haiti as the world's largest pro- ducers of coffee, producing up to 450,000 bags a year. 1668 Coffee surpasses beer as New York's City's favorite breakfast drink. 18 1920 Coffee sales increase in the US as the prohibition goes into effect. 1672 The first coffeehouse opens in Paris. 19 1940 70% of the world's coffee produce is imported into the US. 10 1675 A Viennese man named Franz Georg Kolschitzky opens central Europe's first coffeehouse. He is known for starting the practice of adding cream and sugar to coffee. 20 1971 Starbucks starts a revolution over fresh-roasted whole bean coffee and opens its first store in Pike Place, Seattle. Presented by: Parcel Coffee Sources:

The History of Coffee- Parcel Coffee

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An overview of coffee and how it has shaped our world.


Parcel Coffee


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