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The History of Candy

DO YOU REMEMBER Which Decade Had the Best Halloween Candy? <'50s '70s '80s S09. Concocted in England, the brand was originally named Kit Cat, after a type of mutton pie served at London's Kit-Cat Club. Lik-A-Stix resembles a flat stick of white sidewalk chalk. This gender-ambiguous treat was marketed to both boys and girls, despite being modeled on lipstick. Likm-aid. Fun Dip L Likm-aid KitKat REDHOTS CANDY Cherry Dip it Toste It Wow! Criep W-fers Candy Cinnamon Imperials QUALITY FERPANCO CANDIES Cherry Lik-m-ald Cacandy Lika-Stix. NET WT.65 OZ (18.49) NET WT. 1 OZ. Ferrara Pan" elly Belly RUSH POP Red hots are also known as cinnamon imperials, which is a generic name used throughout the industry. CANDY PLAIN CHOCOLATE CANDIES. WT 2 0Z. 56 g BERRY BLAST M&M stands for "Mars & Murrie," the co-creators of the candy. CAS 50 years of Very Cherry has always been the most popular flavor of Jelly Belly, except for a stint from 1998 to 2003 when Buttered Popcorn reigned supreme. LEMONHEAD They initially had three bars of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. When WWII shortages occurred, manufacturers only kept the chocolate variety, which was the most popular. 1.5 OZ (42.5g) BY Ferrara RINBOW NeRds Bopested 20¢ HOT TAMALES O CINNAMON fwad Since 1950 3 MUSKETEERS. ny. tangynd MILK CHOCOLATE NET WT 2 Vis oz. 58g 3 MUSKETEERS GOOD MICANMI NET WT 5 0Z (141g) T WT/ PESO NETO GZajd and Bubblicious holds the Guinness Book of World Records honor for most bubble-gum Everybody PLENTY LICORICE flavored CANDY .1¾0z. Net Likes Throughout the 1980s several new flavors of Nerds -"Hot and Cold" Nerds (cinnamon and wintergreen flavored), Blueberry and Raspberry, and Lemon and Lime were introduced seasonally. NUT ROLL rueer bubbles blown at one time. Avoir. CARAMEL AND PEANUTS PAYDAY Bukyerola e TRACTIVE BISPLAT the ultimate bubble- shopehtns WONKA erds ROPe ORIGINAL I crrara a Boston Baked BeanS In 1928, Harry Reese began selling peanut-butter cups on the street for a penny. Soon after he quit his job at Hershey's to concentrate on his own business. CANDY COATED PEANUTS AIR WEADS Stuwy Reeses TheOigin This chocolaty treat's original slogan was "It's more than a mouthful." KING SIZE AIR WEADS CANDY CIGARETTES Stwry PEANUT BUTTER CPS Reaset Pune maa Chocalata Not surprisingly, tobacco interests have managed to keep kiddie ciggies on U.S. shelves, despite decades of attempted bans. HERSHEY'S Whatema calli NET WT 1802 (45 The name Pez comes from the German word for peppermint, Airheads are made in a machine very similar to the ones used to create Play-Doh. Pfefferminz. The candy bar was created in 1966 and named after a series of successful game shows. Its name was changed to "100 Grand" in the mid-'80s. Skittles FREEO 539 SUPERMAN RING WINDANG Nestle. ORiginAL CHEWY CARAMEL BITE SEANDS NET WI 217ZALá $100,000 amel bor with crispies in mik choColdle e0000000e0000eNET WT 1% 02 THIMA39939 the Suet CHEWY C CATCH Mars named the candy bar after the family's favorite horse. In 2013 bite size Snickers officially became the most favorite Halloween candy. A COW TALES Seft& Chewy Cond In 2009, the candy was made much smaller. The underside was flattened, and no longer resembles an actual bottle cap. Pop Rocks are produced by mixing hot sugar with carbon dioxide gas. When you put the candy in your mouth, it melts and the bubbles go "pop!" on your tongue. AMERICAN HADE Reach for H dy Bars MARS SNICKERS BOTTLE CAPS Candy Bars Sugar Daddy. POP ROCKS SNICKERS MARS NET WT. 2O2 567g Crackling Candy www. MILK CARAMEL POP On Henry! NET WT. 1% OZ. the soda pop candy Originally called the Papa Sucker, later changed to Sugar Daddy. CHERRY ARTIFICIAL FLAOR FUECEMSN MLK CH www. In most of the world Twix was called Raider, before the name was NET WT. 0.17 OZ ETED changed in 1991. for you TWIIX 11 165 EXTREME SOUR HERSHEYS CuOcUars ME KISSES HARD CANDY One of the few gummy-like candies that does not contain gelatin, making it an actual vegetarian food. Warheads derive their strong sour flavor from malic acid, which was first isolated from apple juice in 1785. A FAT FREE FOOD Swedish Fish e Astro Pops were first made by two rocket scientists working on the space program who quit their jobs to create the candy, modeled after a three-stage rocket. SOFT A CHEWY CANDY Spree Original This classic fall treat was originally honey- flavored. WOWKL GOBSTOPPER NET WT/ PESO NETO 6az (TOg) aste T-Pick Everlasting BRACHS Classic Hot Cinnamon Toothpicks Runts is one of 18 "scrumdiddlyumptious" candies by Willy Wonka, the candy company that was born the year the film debuted in 1971. CANDY CORN Taste-T-Picks Classic Hot Cinnamon oothpicks kebret Originally developed by a drugstore owner in the late 1940s as a way of getting neighborhood children to pay more attention to dental hygiene. 1-1/80Z. NET WT, Vr A A A Sa N SUA The term gobstopper derives from 'gob, which is slang in Britain for mouth. FICIAL FLAVORS, ARTIFICIAL COLORS. BRACHS CANDY CORN FRUIT SHAPED Banana, Cherry, Strawberry. Orange runts Candy NET WT 2 OZ DO YOU REMEMBER Yesterday, back by popular demand. Ever PAYDAY Lik-a-Stix. Tootsie ORoll® tsi ASTR PoD www.

The History of Candy

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