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The History Of Baking

Make Bake THE HISTORY OF BAKING EGYPTIANS 4000 BC GREEKS The Egyptians pio- neered leavening, laying the groundwork for the sort of fluffy loafs we love today. There are reports of a baker's shop in Athens as early as the 5th cen- tury BC. A rivalry existed between cities for the 300 BC Coincidentally, the tallest pyramid cake was baked in 2011 and was 8.5ft tall. quality of their bread, with some citing Cyprus as the unofficial victors! ROMANS MEDIEVAL Established the first Bakers Guild in 168BC; a group of high repute who even held a seat on the Senate. Medieval European bakers often made fruitcakes and 500 gingerbread. These foods could last for many months. SCANDINAVIA KAKA EUROPE 1200 Typically known for their facial hair, the Vikings came up with the word "kaka", which would eventually evolve into the modern The 17th century saw the introduction of round iced cakes and the use of moulds and refined sugars. day word "cake". 1600 SCOTLAND Most cakes were eaten accompanied by a glass of sweet wine or tea. 1800 The HOUSEWIVES Edinburgh/Glasgow rivalry might have found its roots in a loaf. 1900 Edinburgh bakers offered to bake Glas- wegian-style bread, when their council questioned the quality of the local produce. 2000 As new cake decorating products are made available to the public, the ability to whip up a supreme cake becomes highly valued amongst housewives. MODERNISATION DECORATION Extra-refined flour and baking powder is intro- duced, resulting in the modern interpretation of the cake. First layered cake Modern cake decorat- appears. French begin including an additional "sweet course at the end of meals, consisting of things like Gateau. ing explodes and the first picture is transferred to a cake, revolutionising celebratory cakes. REFERENCES

The History Of Baking

shared by jamieklint on Dec 15
We aimed to visualize the history of baking in a fun packed infographic. The design is centred around a time line in the centre going right from the beginning to today.


Jamie Klint


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