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The History of AGA

The history of THE GRAHAM LAND IN 2011, AGA EMBRACED TECHNOLOGY IN 1934 16 MEMBERS OF THE 50S WAS THE FIRST AGA LAUNCHED THE AGA HEAT-STORAGE ΤΙΜE ΤHAT AN AGA COOKER WAS 'WHATEVER YOU COOK, YOU'LL COOK IT BETTER WITH AN AGA' COOKER WAS DESCRIBED AS AND LAUNCHED EXPEDITION TEAM AGA AVAILABLE IN "THE EPITOME OF COUNTRY- KITCHEN STYLE" THE AGA TOTAL CONTROL MODEL. took an AGA cooker to the ANTARCTIC. COLOUR, This innovative model has programmable ovens and hotplates that can be turned on and off by the cooker's touch screen control panel. The AGA iTotal Control model can even be programmed via a smartphone, tablet or PC! For the next three years, the AGA cooker ensured they ate well and lived in warmth when a modern-thinking advertising campaign that showed the AGA could cook food from across by Jan Boshall's Good Housekeeping book 'EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE'. the temperature dropped to -40 degrees Celsius. they introduced pale blue, pale green, grey and white. Now-the brilliant new AGA in colours to match your kitchen DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. SAMSUNG A 1930s 1950s 1970s 1990s Present 1920s 1940s 1960s 1980s 2000s IN 2013, AGA LAUNCHED THE The AGA Model C.B AGA DUAL CONTROL. THIS COOKER HAS A LOW-ENERGY SETTING THE 1960S SAW AGA AND THE TWO MOVE TO MORE HOTPLATES CAN BE CONVENIENT TURNED ON AND OFF INDEPENDENTLY. ENERGY SOURCES IN 1922 THE WORLD'S Both the AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control models were innovative AGA COOKERS WERE DURING THE 1980S FIRST HEAT STORAGE AGA INTRODUCED THE IN SUCH THE AGA COOKER COOKER WAS INVENTED 'IRON AGE WOMAN' developments by the company, who wanted to ensure the AGA cooker suited FEATURED IN BYNΟΒΕL PRIZE-WINNING PHYSICIST HIGH DEMAND NOVELS CAMPAIGN SUCH AS THE BY THE 1940S OIL-FIRED AGA THE 31ST CENTURY LIFESTYLE. BY FAMOUS AUTHORS ΤΟ BROADEN THΕ heat storage cookers which were that the waiting time for an AGA was SUCH AS APPEAL OF THE AGA DR GUSTAF DALÉN. introduced in 1964 and the 37 WEEKS. GAS MODEL JILLY COOPER COOKER TΟ THE It was then in 1929 that AGA heat storage cookers came to England from Sweden. YOUNGER, MORE URBAN CONSUMER. and AGA which followed in 1968 after a JOANNA TROLLOPE. decline in solid fuel. REFERENCES

The History of AGA

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Follow the history of the AGA cooker; from the moment the cast-iron cooker reached England in the 1920s to the latest innovative developments of the new-generation AGA cookers that are programmable to...


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