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Healthcare Food Service

HEALTHCARE FOOD SERVICE Questions &Answers MEAL DELIVERY FAQS YOU NEED TO KNOW What are the different types of equipment used for Meal Delivery? Why is the arrangement of a tray assembly line so important? Temperature Maintenance (induction or wax based) Tray Delivery Carts Conveyors Plate Heaters Dispensers Tray & Rack The arrangement of a tray line assembly greatly helps to save labor and increase efficiency, when arranged appropriately. Typically, an "L" shape allows for minimal reach and steps needed. Food Counters What are space requirements for tray line assembly? Utility Carts Tables Starter Stations # OF BEDS SIZE OF CONVEYORS APPOX. ASSEMBLY AREA Rack Dollies 153 sq. ft. (9' x 17') 288 sq. ft. (18' x 16') 294 sq. ft. (21' x 14') 350 sq. ft. (25' x 14') Apprex. 500 sq. ft. Drying Racks Air Curtains 50-75 100-200 8'-12' or Counter Mounted 10'-14" 200-300 14'-20 400-500 600 or more 20'-24' Consider 2 Conveyors TEMPERATURE MAINTENANCE * WHY IS A TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED FOOD DELIVERY CART SO IMPORTANT? WHATS THEIR HOLDING TIME? INDUCTION SYSTEMS 25 - 45 min. 3 WAX BASE SYSTEMS 60 - 90 min. Making sure hot foods stays hot and cold food stays cold is vital. Keeping food out of the "danger zone" provides for safe food that doesn't spoil. Ir's important to have a temperature controlled delivery carts that have chilled compartments between 34°F to 40°F and heated compartments that maintain a maximum temperature at 200°F. 12 140°F (60°C) 120°F (49°C) BACTERIA MULTIPLIES QUICKLY 60°F (15°C) KEEPIN' 40°F (5°C) NEX WHAT. Hot AND Cold FOOD SAFE! Caster size and type works for my facility? Depending on the characteristics of the environment, different sizes and types are needed. Six inch casters allow for easier 6 in. cart usability, especially when rolling over thresholds and into elevators. A 2" wide, soft thread caster can roll smoothly over 2 in. carpet and silently over tile. Cuse uhat fits your facility the best! WHAT'S THE MAIN PURPOSE OF AN AIR CURTAIN AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? DID YOU KNOW? Air curtains are designed to retain refrigerator temperatures with the door open for up to 90 minutes through a 3D air curtain cooling system. When the door is closed, interior air-flow pattern design prevents hot pockets and cool spots within the cabinet. The curtains are important for food temperatures to remain consistent at all times. Cantilerer style offers the user WHAT TYPES OF APPLICATIONS CAN DRYING RACKS SUPPORT? ability to roll up the conveyor. Sraddle style oers the user to Drying racks can support any tray line layout. They are designed for a convenient and organized method of drying and storing. Typically, depending on bed count requirements, drying racks are also offered with capacities of 60 and 100 for the domes and I08 and 180 straddle the conveyor and position the tray dispenser and wax base heater or for induction bases. Cradles are removable and can run thru dish washing machines. induction heater under the starter station that reduces reach and steps. The amount of food you serve How do you determine how much U. wells are needed in food counters? A. determines how many wells you need. SAFETY FIRST! Full size is typically 12" x 20" pans. • 2-1/2" deep pans hold 72 4oz portions • 2 1/2" deep holds 32 4oz portions 4" deep pans hold 120 40z portions 6" deep pans hold 176 40z portions Half size is 10" x 12": • 4" deep holds 56 4oz portions • 6" deep holds 80 4oz portion * CONVEYORS WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? * GRAVITY MOTORIZED WORKER'S SPEED ADJUSTABLE DETERMINES NUMBER OF BELT SPEED ALLOWS TRAYS/MINUTE 0-40 TRAYS/MIN CANTILEVER STYLE SKATE WHEEL STYLE ROLLER STYLE FABRIC STYLE BAND BELT STYLE SLAT BELT STYLE SPACE SAVING FULL CONTACT LOW FRICTION GOOD BETTER BEST W/TRAY Thank You! BROUGHT TO YOU BY ALLUSERV DANGER ZONE . ..... . . ..

Healthcare Food Service

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Here is the first ever healthcare food service infographic representing your most frequently asked questions and our answers. Enjoy!




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