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Ham Cooking Recipes & Tips from the American Academy of Culinary Arts

НА): Fun Facts & Cooking Tips Different Parts of the Pig Ham is the back leg of a pig that has been: fillet autet cutlet ham head OR loin onk forerib Only Cured Cured & Smoked Salt is what gives the ham S. flesh a pink color. Salt is used to preserve meats. Different Ways of Curing Ham Fresh Ham vs. Cured Ham Wet Dry Injected No pink color Pink color Generally soaked na water and salt solution with Navorings added. Salt solution placed into the leg using a beine needle. Salt with Hard to find in grocery stores. Found in most grocery stores. Navorings added. Different Types of Hams Found in Stores Picnic Country Virginia City Treatment Picnic Country Virginia City Dry Dry Smoked Dry Smoked Injected Wet From the front shoulder and is generally dry cured Dry cured and can be smoked (pigs are fed nuts and fruits to give a sweet lavoe) Dry cured and smoked (this is the Smithfield Ham) Most common and is injected and/or sonked. called wet pack. "The butt end has more meat and fat, the shank end is sweeter meat but could be tough." Hams are 18 to 20 pounds in ueight You can purchase them: semi-boneless boneless "Also, the spiral ham could be tricky to cool they tend to dry out." in half (butt end r shank end) whole sypiral Tips & Tricks If you have a very salty ham, try this little trick. L Place the ham in a large pot and just cover with water, bring up to a boil, turn olf heat and let sit for 1 hour. Then bake the ham. 2. Use the ham water to make your favorite soup with the extra ham and bone. To get extra meals out of the ham, cut off 2 to 3 ham steaks about half inch thick. Visit us at : AMERICAN ACADEMY OF CULINARY ARTS f Y in You Tube ●• where great chefs prep

Ham Cooking Recipes & Tips from the American Academy of Culinary Arts

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With Easter fast approaching, families across America are lugging out their cookbooks to get ready for the big feast. To celebrate the end of Lent, most Americans are looking forward to a thick leg of...




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