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Haggis: Scotland's Most Famous Dish

Head Over Heels For HAGGIS THE INSIDE SCOOP ON SCOTLAND'S MOST INFAMOUS DISH HAGGIS CONTENTS Onion Oats Suet: The hard fat about the kidneys and loins in beef and mutton that yields tallow. It is especially useful for deep-frying because of its high melting point. Sheep's Pluck (Offal): It is comprised of the entrails and organs, basically anything other Sheep's Stomach: than muscle and bone. Most often The casing that holds the contents of the haggis. Today, many use a thin casing made out of sheep's intestine. found in Haggis is: sheep's heart, liver, and Lungs. Usually Consumed With: Stock: Seasoning: The following are typical spices used to season the haggis: white pepper, sage, thyme, rosemary, salt. Flavoured water used NEEPS, TATTIES & DRAM to cook the haggis. Turnips, mashed potatoes & whiskey HAGGIS TRADITIONS References to Haggis-like recipes date back to Homer's Odyssey (8th century BC) when Odysseus is likened to "a man before a great blazing fire, turning swiftly this way and that, a stomach full of fat and blood, very eager to have it roasted quickly." LANCASTER The first known recipe for a dish Burns Supper celebrates the It has been illegal Scottish poet, Robert Burns. "Burns to import haggis into the U.S from Scotland since 1971 when called “Hagese" dates back to 1430 in Lanchashire, England. Supper" is observed during the week of January 25. Haggis, which was poetically revered by Burns, is the traditional dish served during the food containing sheep lung was deemed unfit for consumption. Haggis is a kind of sausage that is also known as savoury pudding. celebration. HAGGIS PREPARATION 1. 2. 3. Boil the sheep's pluck in water Separate and mince the pluck. Dice the onions. for about an hour and a half or until it is tender. Let it cool overnight in the liquid. Save the liquid. 4. 5. 6. Toast the oats in Combine the meat with the Mix in the oatmeal, suet, onions, salt, and seasonings. and a pint of the liquid used to boil the pluck. the oven for a few minutes. 8. 7. Rinse the casing, then spoon the mixture into the casing until Tie the casing tightly near the end with butcher's string, then 9. Place the haggis in lightly simmering water for as long as needed, depending on the thickness. It usually takes it's a little more than half full. work the filling so it fills Expel any excess air. the empty space. between an hour and a half to three hours. The haggis will expand and contract. Avoid a haggis explosion by piercing any large air bubbles that may appear. 10. 11. Remove from the water, dry the Now it's time to eat up! haggis, then cut it open while it's hot. The "pudding" will quickly pop out of the casing. HAGGIS HEROES Hurling: Haggis-hurling, contrary to popular belief, is not an age-old tradition, but was actually invented in 1977 as a practical joke. Today, the "sport" Eating: 17-year-old John Davis Largest: The largest Haggis holds the world record for haggis ever created was for the Mauchline speed eating. Davis ate a pound Burns Club Fair, in Mauchline, is as competitive as it is ridiculous. The record is currently held by 19-year-old Lorne Coltart, who recently threw an edible haggis Scotland, on 23 May 2009. It was ceremonially cut open with a sword and weighed an astronomical 560 kg (1,234 lb. 9 oz.). of haggis in two minutes. 217 feet. Lorne broke the 18o ft. 10 in. record set by Alan Pettigrew in 1984. SOURCE: IFOCE.COM | WORLDBURNSCLUB.COM | BRITISHFOOD.ABOUT.COM | GUARDIAN.Co.UK | NEWS.STV.TV MILNGAVIEHERALD.CO.UK | NPR.ORG | NEWS.BBC.CO.UK | PBM.COM | GUINNESSWORLDRECORDS.COM HAGGIS PHOTOS: ABOVE & BELOW: BILL & NICOLA DONNELLY, (NICNBILL ON FLICKR); CENTER: TINA LAWSON (DDFIC ON FLICKR)

Haggis: Scotland's Most Famous Dish

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Haggis is Scotland's most famous dish, and we give you the inside scoop on what makes up the meaty pudding that some love and some hate.



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