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A Guide To Dinner Party Etiquette

Diner Party ETIQUETTE A GUIDE To tiquette for.The Host Plan your Iron the Polish the menu tablecloth silverware Leave glassware sparkling Prepare food with great presentation Entertain your guests How to prepare your MENU Don't serve heavy or spicy dishes back-to-back. DRINKS Don't serve successive sweet dishes. If pre-dinner drinks or cocktalls are served: Dinner should be served at Balance rich dishes with least an hour after the time delicate ones. stated to arrive on the Combine flavours intelligently. Invitation. If pre-dinner drinks are not served; Consider the season: Dinner should be served 20 Lighter foods such as salads and soups are good summer choices, stews and roasts are minutes after the time stated on the Invitation. more popular in winter. Two or three different cocktails should be offered, along with wine, spirits, softdrinks, juices and sparkling water. Canapés may be served with drinks, as long as they are compatible with the main menu. Guests should never have to ask for a refill. How to SERVE THE MEAL Candles: Unscented and unobtrusive - should be lit and water glasses filled. If possible: Have the first course served before guests arrive at the table - but not if it's a hot dish. Sitting: For small groups announce "dinner is ready; shall we go in?" whereas for large groups, ask a few friends to help guide in the guests. Order: The female sat on the host's right should be served first, followed anti-clockwise around the table, with the host being served last. To the left! Plates should be served from the guests left side. ttiquette for.The Guests Gifts: You should bring a gift for your host, but present it discreetly. If you know the host well, make it personal. Sitting: Sit with both feet on the floor – do not have your legs crossed, unfold your napkin and place it onto your knee. Be patlent whilst waiting to be served. Cutlery: Start at the outside of your cutlery for the first course and work inwards. Never play with silverware! Glassware: Hold your glass by the stem, not the rim and don't leave fingerprints or lip-prints. Conversation: Talk about cheerful, pleasant things. Compliments about the food should be gracious yet subtle. Eating: Do not cool food by blowing onto it and never push your plate away when you're finished. Don't make an issue if you don't like or can't eat something. 08) Seconds: Accepting a second helping is fine, but only after everyone has been served once. Broaght to pou by ASPIRE Your Specialist Retailer For French And Bi-Folding Doors Sources:

A Guide To Dinner Party Etiquette

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Are you planning on hosting a dinner party? Do you regularly have guests around for dinner? Or perhaps you’ve been invited to a dinner party and you don’t know what to expect or how to act? Check...


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