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Guide to Caribbean Rum

CAREBBEAN EST. 1703 putting the punch in RUM The majority of the World's Rum is produced in the Caribbean FACTS ABOUT RUM 200,000,000 Bacardi bottles per year exported to approx. 100 countries making it the most popular rum. 63% Vol BACARDI MOST Wray & Nephew White overproof rum is the top strongest selling rum. POPULAR RUM £26,000 200.000.000 BOTILES PER YEA approx. AD. 1703 A bottle of Wray & Nephew dating back to the 1940's is the most expensive rum in the world. Mount Gay EST. 1703 J. WRAY & NEPHEW Rum is the oldest existing $4 MOUNT GAY brand of rum RUM in the world. CARIBBEAN COCKTAILS PART 1 CREAM COCONUT CREAM LIME JUICE GRENADINE SYRUP SUGAR SYR UP PINEAPPLE JUICE WHITE RUM PINEAPPLE JUICE WHITE RUM ORANGE JUICE WHITE RUM PRODUCTION OF RUM (WATER & YEAST) Light Rum Dry, light bodied. MOLASSES (by-product of sugar cane production) Aged in plain oak barrels or stainless steel tanks, can be FER MEN TED carbon filtered to remove colour. Gold Rum (Amber Rum) Medium bodied. Aged in charred white oak barrels ΕΝΙΟΥΕΡ possibly recycled bourbon whiskey barrels. Dark Rum MIXEO COCKTAN UP Strong, full bodied. INTO A STRAIGHT Aged for longer in heavily charred oak barrels. Spices or caramel sometimes added. CARIBBEAN COCKTAILS PART 2 ORANGE JUCE LINE JUCE PASSION FRUT SIRUR LIGHT RUM DARK RUM WHITE RUM SUGAR LIME JUICE SODA WATER EAVES ANGOSTURA BITTERS PINEAPPLE JUICE ORANGE LIME JUICE GRENADINE SYRUP DARK RUM ALTERNATIVE NAMES rumbullion /{rum-bull-i-on}/ 1 origin of the word rum believed to have come from this English word meaning 'great tumult (loud crowd noise). pirate's drink /{pi-rat-es drin-k}/ 1 popular drink for pirates in the Caribbean. 2 it kept longer than water on ships. 3 pirate's tradition. kill-devil /{kill de-vil}/ 1 American colonists claimed rum was strong grog/{gro-g}/ 1 nickname of Admiral Vernon known as 'old enough to slay satan. grog' because he wore a grogham cloak, he introduced rum into the Royal Navy in 1740. navy neaters/{na-vy neat-ers}/ 1 neaters was a term used for the rum allowance for officers in the Navy. Nelson's blood/{nel-son-s bl-ood}/ 1 according to legend, Nelson's body was preserved in a barrel of Naval rum which it was said to have been drunk, along with the admiral's blood, by the crew before reaching London. splice the mainbrace/{spl-ice the ma-in br-ace}/ 1 an order given aboard naval vessels which became more familiarly known as to issue the crew witha drink. THE ULTIMATE HANGOVER CURE Souse: • Half a pigs head • 2 trotters • 4 limes (juiced) • 2 onions • 1 green pepper • 2 cucumber +4 +(0+2+0)=C %3D Wash trotters and head thoroughly with lime. Cook in salted water for about 14 hours until tender. Allow to cool then cut into pieces. Slice green pepper and cucumber and chop onion. Mix all ingredients with some of the stock. Add pork slices. Leave for a while. Serve with a tossed salad. KUONI Mojito Piña Colada LTURED Daiquiri Mai Tai Hurricane Rum Punch

Guide to Caribbean Rum

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Heading to the Caribbean or have an interest in rum…or both, this Caribbean rum inspired infographic offers outstanding stats on the most expensive and oldest rums, it gives detail of how to make ru...




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