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Gross Things in Meat

MEAT! Now, with added gross things! MEAT! Tired of eating food that isn't disgusting? Then enjoy some factory-farmed flesh! Now featuring .. Poop! That's good sh# @%t! What percentage of retail meat contains poop? Ground turkey V Chicken breast r Ground beef Diseases and Pathogens! With so many options, it's hard to pick just one! LISTERIA! Perfect for pregnant women! SALMONELLA! Vomiting! CAMPYLOBACTER! Infection! STAPH! E. COLI! Bloody diarrhea! Kills more Americans per year than AIDS! Antibiotics! Now up to 29.9 million pounds! 20%. f antibiotics 80% of antibiotics 7.7 million Ibs. 29.9 million Ibs. = 100,000 lbs THIS OVERUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS COINCIDES WITH THE RISE OF ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANT BACTERIA. Of the salmonella on ground turkey, about 78% was antibiotic-resistant. Nearly 75% of the salmonella found on retail chicken breast was antibiotic-resistant Nearly 50% of campylobacter in chickens was antibiotic-resistant. ..and lots more! Active ingredients in Active ingredients in Active ingredients in Tylenol Benadryl Prozac Caffeine Ractopamine Including Ractopamine . ... Now THAT'S an American drug! х drug banned in 160 countries. ... 8.4 OUT OF 10 FISH AGREE: There ne poisonous levels y mercury in me! A 2013 study found unsafe levels of mercury in 84% of all fish. Only 2% of seafood is inspected by the FDA, leaving bacteria, disease, chemicals, and carcinogens to go unnoticed. Chemicals and Metals They have so many шen! CHEMICALS USED IN MEAT PRODUCTION ARE ALSO USED FOR: Developing photos Cleaning swimming pools Bleaching wood pulp Industrial cleaning 70% And over more uses! 200 OF GROUND BEEF IN STORES Ammonia-treated pink slime now available in: Whother you you wart it or not! hot dogs lunch meat ground beef sausage chili taco meat canned food beef jerky Find out more about meat at PETA

Gross Things in Meat

shared by PETA on Sep 12
Everyone knows that meat's not green, that it's the product of cruelty to animals, and that it raises your risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. But more and more, conscious eaters are discoverin...




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