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Groceries Positioned Slightly Off Center DATAPOINTS June 10, 2013 GROCERIES POSITIONED SLIGHTLY OFF CENTER Supermarkets seek to jumpstart grocery sales by merchandising and other companies May 13-23. Half of retailer participants shelf-stable foods alongside fresh, show the findings of SN's 10th annual survey of Center Store performance, which polled 131 food retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, sales agencies indicated that space dedicated to Center Store has been reallocated to perimeter departments in recent years. SOURCE: SN's 2013 Center Store Survey Private Labels Are Refreshed With... New product innovations.. Specialty... Natural/organic .. Ethnic .. Supermarkets Fight Competition With Price 2.6% Exclusive pack sizes or product bundles 50% ...33.3% 5.1% Value-added offerings (in-store dietitian, sampling 30.8% Other 28.2% program, etc.) 20.5% Your company doesn't plan to update private label ... 15.4% 15.4% Brand consolidation.... .12.8% of retailers say Enter a new product category 12.8% Healthy reformulation 12.8% 35.9% Center Store 20.5% Specialty products Price Other.... 7.7% space has been reallocated to Greater Privacy 20.5% perimeter depts. Private label PRIVATE LABELS MAKE UP A LARGER PORTION OF BASKET VS. LAST YEAR 61.5% How are you attempting to revitalize Center Store sales? RETAILERS MANUFACTURERS PRIVATE LABELS MAKE 30.8% New product innovation 63.9%... 76.9% UP THE SAME PORTION Merchandising shelf-stable fare in perimeter depts... 52.8%... 30.8% 41.7%.. . 30.8% 36.1%.. .. 47.2%.. . 20.5% PRIVATE LABELS MAKE 7.7% Healthy reformulations... SMALLER PORTION Reorganizing aisles based on meal occasion 10.3% Recipes/Demos.. Enhancing Ethnic Reach Through... Increased product assortment.... .64.1% Participation in community events.. 25.6% Addition of bilingual in-store communications/employees 17.9% ........ Recipe demos/cooking classes featuring authentic ethnic meals ... 17.9% Private-label launch..... 12.8% A 2% increase in Center Store sales is the average projection of survey respondents. Open new or additional locations under an ethnic format ........2.6% No plan to enhance ethnic marketing reach... 25.6% Walmart Poses the Biggest Threat "We've cut four feet off of three [Center Store] aisles to expand perishables." Limited- assortment discounters – SN Survey Respondent 18.4% Dollar stores Bolstering Health and Wellness Through.. 42.1% 7.9% 36.8% 44.7% 7.9% Walmart Natural retailers 23.7% 7.9% 15.8% 15.8% 13.2% Club 10.5% format NUTRITION SHELF TAGS/ NUTRITION AND EXERCISE GROWING/ ENHANCED PARTNERSHIP ACCESS TO A NO PLAN TO ENHANCE HEALTH AND WELLNESS 5.3% UPDATING PHARMACY WITH A DIETITIAN SIGNAGE ASSORTMENT SERVICES HOSPITAL OR PROGRAM 2.6% Direct-to- UNIVERSITY POSITIONING Drug stores 2.6% 2,6% consumer Online retailers Other

Groceries Positioned Slightly Off Center

shared by supermarketnews on Jun 12
Supermarkets seek to jumpstart grocery sales by merchandising shelf-stable foods alongside fresh, show the findings of SN’s 10th annual survey of Center Store performance.


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