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Grilling Around The World

AROUND LL Barbecuing is a pervasive tradition in much of the world, and the huge variety in grilled foods around the world means that what we eat is all about where we live. And tells us about how we live. UNITED STATES MOST COMMONLY GRILLED FOOD 120 O Hamburgers O Hot Dogs O Chicken breast (6 oz) O Pork BBQ spare ribs Hamburgers 140 Hot Dogs 280 200 Chicken (6 oz) Pork (4 oz) (4 oz) O Brats (6 oz) 400 CALORIES COUNTER Brats (6 oz) JAPAN Yakitori over bamboo charcoal O Tai No Shioyaki Salt-grilled sea bream.- This is a traditional Japanese New year food, it is made from a fish called Tai snapper 75 Tai No Shioyaki 105 Yakitori O Yaki Nasu 420 Beef Sukiyaki Grilled Japanese Eggplant O Beef Sukiyaki Grilled beef. This is a grilled steak cut into thin strips and served tossed with vegetables 220 Grilled rice balls CALORIES COUNTER O Grilled rice balls 159 Yaki Nasu INDIA Tandoori chicken A tandoor is a clay oven with round sides and stands about 5 feet high 78 Naan (30 g.) O Naan A grilled yeast bread that is cooked by pressing the dough against the sides of the tandoor O Grilled pineapple 120 Grilled pineapple 105 Chicken (5 oz) AUSTRALIA O Chicken 100 Chicken (1 medium piece, 3 oz) O Lamb chops O Sausages 112 Lamb chops (4 oz, with bone, raw) 285 Sausages (link, 4 Ib) JAMAICA • Jerk pork O Grilled Blue Marlin 380 Jerk pork (4 oz) O Jerk shrimp Traditionally cooked in open-ground pits, half-cut steel drums are commonly used as makeshift grills in modern Jamaica 130 Jerk shrimp (4 oz) 270 Blue Marlin (1 steak) MEXICO O Barbacoa Goat meat, sheep meat or cow meat. O Carne asada Mexican grilled steak. 170 Barbacoa (4 oz) Grilled fish tacos 240 Carne asada (4 oz) 285 CALORIES COUNTER Grilled fish tacos (1 plate served) INDONESIA • Satay A tiny kebab that comes in at least 200 varieties, depending on the location in Indonesia. The meat, seasonings and accompaniments vary, the beef, and lamb. 100 Grilled chicken (1 medium piece, 3 oz) popular are chicken, O Swordfish 165 Swordfish (3.7 oz) Grilled chicken 250 Satay (3 skewers) Usually served with yellow rice CALORIES COUNTER TURKEY The birthplace of the shish kebab - In Turkish "Shish' means 'the skewer. O Lamb kebab Izgara kofte 285 Izgara kofte (5 pieces) A kind of kebab, made of ground meat rolled up like meatballs. It is prepared with parsley, garlic, I amount of egg, and ground bread which a sn is like a coating. The meats vary, it used to be lamb but now mainly beef 290 and poultry. Kebab (3 oz) O Grilled fish, mutton, beef, and poultry 100 CALORIES COUNTER Vegetables ARGENTINA O Parrilla Variety of steaks, sausage, blood sausages, intestines and sweetbreads grilled over wood or charcoal. O Liver O Vegetables 505 Parilla 580 (3 oz) Liver (3.5 oz) VIETNAM O Suon Nuong Grilled pork chops. 90 Grilled snake (4 oz) O Grilled snake Snake meat is extremely high in protein and also contains half the calories and one third the amount of fat compared to steak. O Rat meat, bat meat and frog meat are popular grilled delicacies 75 Bat meat 290 Suon Nuong (4 oz) (4 oz) 75 Frog meat (4 oz) BRAZIL O Picanha Top sirloin with a thick tab of fat on it, spit roasted and then very thinly sliced. • Chimichurri Burgers Spicy beef hamburgers with grilled plantains. 260 Picanha (4 oz) Chimichurri Лlннg burgers (3.5 oz) 240 GREECE Kalamari or thrapsala 90 Thrapsala (4 oz) O Grilled Pork Souvlaki It's the term used to describe little skewers of meat that are marinated in a wonderful red wine marinade and then grilled. 180 Souvlaki (4 oz, 1 skewer) CALORIES COUNTER ITALY O Bruschetta alla Romana Italian grilled bread with garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil. 260 O Pork Pork O Hamburger 450 Hamburger (3.5 oz) 110 Bruschetta alla Romana (3.5 oz) CALORIES COUNTER NORWAY O Black pepper grilled salmon 580 Black pepper grilled salmon (5 oz) NIGERIA O Nyama choma Swahili for roast meat, usually goat or beef, cooked on skewers. 420 Nyama Choma (6 oz) O Spicy Grilled Suyas Nigerian style kebabs made with beef or goat meat. Suya Swordfish Chunks of swordfish seasoned with chili pepper, sweet paprika, sea salt, ginger. Peanut butter is also used, and meat is cooked as a kabab. 245 Suyas (4 oz) 460 Swordfish (6 oz) RESOURCES: Grilled Foods.htm KALAMAZOO OUTDOOR GOURMET NITTING WORLD THE CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER CALORIES COUNTER

Grilling Around The World

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Learn about different foods and techniques for grilling all over the world!


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