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The Fruits We Eat

Women are 17% more likely to order fruit. The If we all ate 5 portions of Fruit & Veg a day, it would help to prevent: 40% GOURMANDIA 15,000 early deaths FRUITS The Good News Here is a list of fruit and vegetables that receive the least amount of pesticides. Coronary Heart Disease 7000 Veggies Fruit How far the price of fruit has gone/ up Cancer 5000 We Eat ONION SWEET POTATO PINEAPPLE WATERMELON over the past 3o years. Stroke 3000 SWEET CORN MUSHROOM AVOCADO GRAPEFRUIT ASPARAGUS EGGPLANT MANGO KIWI Sleep Better SWEET PEA CABBAGE Research shows that eating 5 portions of Fruit & Veg Cold press juice made from leafy green vegetables provides high levels of magnesium. Boosts Your Brain each day plays an important role in preventing: MALIC ACID Beetroot juice can help ward off dementia and cognitive decline. Malic acid is a type of acid that can eat away at tooth- staining acids on your teeth, helping to keep them clean. Builds Bones •Obesity • Diabetes • Stroke • Birth Defects • Heart Disease Kale, collards, and broccoli are high in the nutrients calcium and magnesium - crucial for a strong, healthy skeleton. Live Longer •Cancer 75% Nutrients often found in cold press juice, like resveratrol, can keep cells from prematurely dying. •Osteoporosis • High Blood Pressure (W/V) MALIC ACID 63% Increase Energy Improve Digestion Raw juices stimulate the bowels, Liver and kidney. Removing waste products and toxins from the body is cleansing and helps to prevent disease. Eating organic produce is the best way to eliminate the harmful effects of pesticides on the health of you and your family. Food that is grown without chemicals is the healthiest diet you can feed your body, and doing so can nourish your health and mind. (W/V) MALIC ACID Nutrients from low-pulp juice is delivered to your body almost instantaneously. 56% Orange (W/V) MALIC ACID Mango $1 Mangoes get about 22% of all fruit orders. Go, man, go! With 29% of all fruit orders, the apple of most people's eye is-in fact-an orange. Ward Off Stress BUYS YOU 1,200 Vitamin Cand magnesium can help your body better combat the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. 1. Mango lassi 2. Mango smoothie 3. Mango sticky rice 1. Orange chicken 2. Orange juice 3. Orange beef 1,200 calories of POTATO CHIPS 875 calories of SODA 250 calories of VEGETADLES 170 calories of FRUIT

The Fruits We Eat

shared by RoranStronghammer on Jul 23
There's no doubt that eating fruit is important to our overall health and wellbeing. Fruit is healthy for you, we all know that, but, it's good to know that eating it should follow some general guidel...






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