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Foods that lower Cortisol Infographic

SATIA 9. FOODS that LOWER CORTISOL CORTISOL is the body's main 'stress hormone Elevated levels of CORTISOL can lead to a feeling of being burned out, and other health issues. Here are 9 science backed foods you can eat to LOWER CORTISOL HEALTHY 01 CARBOHYDRATES Studies have shown that increasing carbohydrates as part of a whole food diet can decrease cortisol levels. | 02 PROBIOTICS One study of athletes found that probiotics contributed to lower cortisol levels, indicating improved responses to physical or mental stress. 03 PREBIOTICS The composition of the gut microbiome has an impact on the regulation of the stress hormone cortisol. Prebiotics are foods that feed the good gut bacteria. 04 4 D OMEGA-3 FATS Three weeks of a diet with Omega-3 fats showed a decrease in mental stress and cortisol among subjects of one study. 05 WATER A study found that cortisol was higher during dehydration than during normal hydration levels. 06 VITAMIN C In rats, vitamin C reduced the levels of stress hormones in the blood, and reduced other typical indicators of physical and emotional stress. 07 BLACK TEA Drinking black tea for six weeks reduced people's cortisol in response to stress and provided greater relaxation. DARK CHOCOLATE 08 in dark chocolate contains flavonoids. Cocoa Flavonoids have been found to reduce the stress response and cause a fall in cortisol levels. 09 BANANAS & PEARS One study performed on male cyclists showed a reduction in cortisol from eating bananas and pears on the bike ride, as compared to just drinking water.

Foods that lower Cortisol Infographic

shared by peter29 on Aug 02
an infographic showing 9 Foods that lower Cortisol produced for Satia nutrition.




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