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Foodborne Illness

Foodborne (llness Food Safety Includes Distribution Production Transportation Packing Processing Storage Preparation The Leading Causes Listeriosis Campylobacter E. Coli Unpasteurized milk, Raw and undercooked soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk, ready-to-eat deli poultry, unpasteurized milk,contaminated Undercooked beef, unpasteurized milk and juice, raw produce. contaminated water meats water Noroviruses Salmonella Shigella Eggs, poultry, Raw produce, contaminated water, uncooked foods, shellfish from contaminated Raw produce, contaminated drinking water, uncooked foods and cooked foods that are not reheated after contact with an infected food handler meat, unpateurized milk or juice, cheese, contaminated raw fruits and waters vegetables The Cost of a Food Recall The average recall costs $10 million, not including lost sales. Only 42% of businesses can execute a recall in hours. The other 52% take days or even weeks to institute a proper recall. 81% of food companies surveyed consider recalls as significant to catastrophic. 78% manage the risk by procuring insurance.* 78% manage the risk by procuring insurance.* *Source: Grocery Manufacturers Association, 2011 SADLER Call Toll Free 800-622-7370 PRODUCTS LIABILITY INSURANCE Copyright 2014 Sadler & Co. All rights reserved.

Foodborne Illness

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Ants, bees, flies, rain, or wind can be annoying when enjoying a hot dog and soda at the ballpark. However, all of those pale in comparison to food poisoning, another outdoor food risk! Indoor and ou...


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