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Food Waste & How To Use Leftovers

How To Stop Wasting Food & Eat it Instead! In the UK we throw away almost 7 million tonnes Almost 50% of the waste we throw away of food a year from our homes is un-used food! In the USA, organic waste is the second highest component of landfills, which are the largest source Around 30-40% of food supply in the USA is wasted! of methane emissions That's around of food per person per month 20lbs / 9kgs According to a nationwide study, the UK throws away almost a third of the food /3 Costing each household about £420 it buys. every year! Let's Break it Down... (Cost of Food Thrown Away) Meat & Fish Bread £420/yr £360/yr Apples £317/yr Potatoes £302/yr So, What Can You Do? Mediterranean Old Tea Vegetables (Peppers, Aubergines, Courgettes) Suitable for freezing? Suitable for freezing? Yes, as ice cubes. Yes, when cooked. 1 out of 5 a day? Sadly not, but it does count towards your recommended daily fluid intake, which is up to 15 cups for a male and 11 cups for a female. 1 out of 5 a day? Half a pepper, half a large courgette or a third of an aubergine. Uses: Uses: Fry them softly with oil and freeze them ready to Soak dried fruits in cold use in soup, sauces or a tea to add depth of flavour to buns and cakes. veggie pie. Use with tinned tomatoes Put mint, lemon and dried berries into tea for to bulk out a pasta sauce. magical iced tea. Blitz peppers and aubergines to make into fantastic dips for crisps or crunchy veg. Use old tea bags to relive tired, puffy eyes! The tannins the tea take away puffiness. Make the courgette into a pesto with a few garlic cloves, a handful of leafy greens, a slug of oil and some grated hard cheese. Fresh Herbs Suitable for freezing? Old Coffee Grounds Pull the leaves off and put them into water or stock, freeze them in ice cubes. Suitable for freezing? Err, not really. 1 out of 5 a day? No, but lots of herbs come with an abundance of health benefits. Did You Know?! You can actually absorb caffeine through your skin, try making coffee grounds into soap! Uses: Chop and mix them into butter for awesome Uses: flavoured butter that can be kept in the fridge for up to a month, and smeared over bread, spuds or to baste meat. Add them to your compost heap. Slugs and snails aren't coffee fans (maybe because they don't have office jobs...). Try leaving coffee grounds around plants you want to protect. It's a humane and effective fertilizer! 2 Chop them up and make up some wicked flavoured bread - bread can be frozen as well so you double the chance of less waste! Infuse themn in a bottle Brew the old grounds up again and use as a natural dye for crafts and materials. of oil. Soft Berries & Fruit Bread Suitable for freezing? Yes, berries can be frozen whole, but cook apples until soft and then freeze. Suitable for freezing? Yep. 1 out of 5 a day? 1 out of 5 a day? Sadly not (although we really wish it was!). Wholemeal bread is One medium apple, or 4 heaped teaspoons of berries. healthier than white, and Uses: making your own bread can be a great way to use up sundried tomatoes, Cook berries until very soft with a splash of water and a large pinch of sugar. Use it as an ice cream sauce or cheesecake topping. seeds and herbs. Uses: 2 Cook apples with a knob of butter and freeze, they can later be used in cakes or Make into breadcrumbs and freeze - breadcrumbs can be used to coat fish, meat or used to plump out burgers/meatballs. crumble Make jam! It's easy enough to do, all you need is some sugar with Bread and butter pectin in it! pudding! Need we say more? Bread can be frozen ready sliced and then defrosted ready to make sandwiches - if your bread is going stale, get it in the freezer! Yoghurt Suitable for freezing? Yes. 1 out of 5 a day? Citrus Fruits No, but you can add fruit to count towards your five a day... Suitable for freezing? Not whole, but the juice is. Uses: 1 out of 5 a day? Put them into ice lolly makers for frozen One medium orange, yoghurt pops! lemon or lime. Use in a facemask with Uses: oats and honey for super soft skin. Use a few segments in a smoothie for added Freeze in ice cube trays, add a few cubes to a curry zing. to calm the chilli down. Squeeze the juice and freeze as ice cubes to put into cocktails or drinks. Use the peel and get crafty -you can use dried citrus peel as potpourri, sources: Christmas decorations or natural home scenters. THE RESTAURANT CHOICE

Food Waste & How To Use Leftovers

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In the UK and US, we all cast off an extortionate measure of or food. In the UK alone we discard right around 7 million tons of food that we have purchased and not devoured. The natural and money rela...


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