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Food Network Sponsored Infographic

PRODUCTS According to the KITCHEN ROYALTY, the perky cook sells no fewer than 23 varieties of cooking stutf, trom Paula Deen Pantryware Cookbook Holder Kio BATALI COOKBOOKS Nine tittes-all Italian, plus the rather incongruous Morio Tailgotes Noscar Styte Garbage Bowl oprons to dinnerware. Standouts include a 4-qt Garbage Bowt in TV AND FILM BY ROBERT KLARA Say what you want about hokey old PBS, but on its airwaves began one of the most remarkable socio-entrepreneurial conjurings since The Chew debuts on ABC in the fall. Batalis had two other cooking shows 142 TV appearances, and volced the rabbit in The Fantastic Mr. For in 2009. RACHSPEAK Emeril Outdoor four colors and two-piece Gas GrRl zip-up lasagna carrier. MISCELLANEA licios-or jost plan delish EV00 iextra viegi Mario Batali 4 Cheese the days of Barnum: the transformation of cooks into celebrities. Like a soufflé, it grew quietly. In 1963. Julia Child-anAmerican diplomat's wife who managed to get into Paris' Le Cordon Bleu- began shooting a local how-to cooking show, The French Chef, for Boston's WGBH. The zest with which the big lady with the high- pitched warble tore the bones out of chickens and dumped brandy onto her crepes to set them ablaze knocked housewives back on their Batali is an ondorser for Crocs (he prefers orangel, and he's also partnered with Ernst Benz on aline of wrist watches (the hands are orange) Blend olve ol) malesash trish but be creful 32-oz. EVOO Tin Woodsman 5-pc. Measuring Stock Chicken ne ot don foo heels. Soon, the show went national. By 1973, a white-bearded former minister named Jeff Smith began his own cooking show out of Tacoma, Wash's KTPS TV called The Frugal Gourmet. Before long. PRODUCTS Emeril sells it all: pots and pans, tableware and knives, appliances and packaged foods. Highlights TV AND MEDIA The Rochael Ray Show firstaired on CBS in 2006 and is still going strong. Her сооквоокS Honey, she's got 15 of them, including the definitive Paulo Outch Batali Pepper & Salt Mill Paula Deen Deen's Southern Cooking Bibl. Steel 5-gt. TELEVISION The Food Network's original star with The Essence of Emerl, he's starred in eight other shows. RESTAURANTS Starting with New York's Babbo in 1998. Batali's gone on to build 15 other restaurants. Some that show went national too. The programs had a message in common, a credo that was magazine, Everyday With Rochoel Ruy, reaches 18 million people. Colander include the Kicked Up Chunky Solsa and the Bam! 8-0 Outdoor Maric Batali Cocker. Emeril even has hs (they say "Emerit" Ernst own line of Sily Bandz Gusto-Grip 6-in. Santoku Knife 4 Cheese anathema for the postwar generations of Americans raised on PRODUCTS canned string beans and who regarded chefs as greasyalcoholie tradesmen in aprons. Cooking could be adventurous and fun, a way of them have famous partners Like Joe and Lidia Bastianich, who helped open Eataly. Ravioli Lagasse's TV appearances number over 270. MARIO BATALI Batali sells six sauces a tine of imported cheeses Limited Edition Timepiece to impress your friends. It could even be.coot Meanwhile, something else was going on. When Smith would recommend a type of garlie press, stores sold out of them. Hmmm. the 50,000-sq-ft. Italian restaurant/market in Manhattan. TV AND PRINT Poulo's Home Cocoking has aired on the Food Network since its 2006 kitchen gear like pepper mills RESTAURANTS Believe it or not. None-0! For years, Ray talked about opening up a 1960s. Rut-Pack-style burger Age: 51 and-stand clear-his own line Mario Batati His took: Shorts and orange Crocs brick ovens, including the 9-foot- Etna Oven RACHAEL RAY Age: 43 It all started when: Ray's "30-minute meals were featured on a local TV Food awakening: Was a Spanish drama major at Rutgers when he decided he'd rather cook instead Estimated worth: $25 million tall, 6,800-lb. Vesuvio Grande. Watching all this from afar was CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld, who in 1993 launched the TV Food Network. Its inaugural lineup featured hitherto-unknown men in whites including Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali. For good measure, the channel (which later ABOVE & BEYOND Tred ot food but not which brings touch to your patio. a nice votcanic Puula Deen debut. There's also Cooking With Paula COOKBOOKS Signature 5-pc. Measuring Spoon Set By our count, 14 station in Schenectady, N.Y. Enduring legacy: The saying "Yum-or Estimated worth: 560 miltion place in Manhattan. She finally the opening Deen magazine. el PaaPaula Deen of them, including -but that was October 2008. Instead of EVO0 and Vinegar Set Arodized 12-in. Skillet Home sells turntur PADMA LAKSHMI In 1992, 22-year-old Padma Lakshmi was visiting Madrid when a modeling scout spotted Rochoel Ray 365 dropped the "TV" prefix) aired some old episodes of Julia Emerilware modeled oft Deen's TV AND PRINT Wolfgang Puck ran for five years, and he's made some 100 gues: appearances. His syndicated newspaper column has 5.3 ond her original the cheese melting. the Poor Rach fles-market fed) fer Americans only realized it after the fact, but the Food Network had toucheda match to those brandied crepes. By the mid '90s, the culture 30-Minute Meats banks did instead. Mario Batali 10 Relling Pin alongside any Hollywood star. In time, this coterie would come to include figures who'd blazed their own paths, like Wolfgang Puck, who fed Los Angeles' elite his pizzas topped with smoked salmon and caviar. But what's most remarkable about the rise of America's famous foodies is that all their recipes share the same final ingredient- branding. With fame doth come the product endorsement 6-qt. Electric Multi-Cooker rochoel iray Pig-Shaped Cutting Board her at a bar. Within weeks, she was jetting Sauce Boat million readers around the world p Id posing Kid's Apron for Versace and Ralph Wolfgang Gritt Pariri COOKBOOKS Lauren ads. When she Believe it or not, tanded a part in the (cookbooks, sauces, saucepots, and aprons). The torrent of branded items multiplied the fortunes of a handful of superstar cooks further only seven titles movie Gutter, the Inda- Mario Batali Vesuvio Oven born Lakshmi had to gain 30 pounds and then lose them again-an which is pretty than restaurant checks ever could, and the crowned heads of today's culinary elite now preside over whole empires. Here's a peek under modest by Puck Wolfgang Puck 12-in. Covered MISCELLANEA Never tasted a Puck food product? Think again. His Amenity Services division tumisbes tis coffee to hotel chains ocross PRODUCTS Nobody beats Wolfgang standards. effort for which she the toques of five of them. RESTAURANTS Unlike other famous Wok With everything from his developed her own recipes. Those ended signature frozen pizzas to coffees and teas 17 kinds of soup. foodies who cpen so many eateries they can scarcely up in a cookbook, which MISCELLANEA Lagasse is three years into a 10-book deal with HarperCollins and he's also voioed RESTAURANTS Aftor opering Emeril's a cookware collection packed with pots and pepper mills, ond a tine of 25 countertop appliances, Paula Deen 4.37-oz. House visit them ati, D things local. She and her two boys is how Lakshmi ended up hosting Fodmo's Emeril's Ded Marble at. Deen has kept Passport on the Food Network and Top Chef in New Orleans in 1990. Lagasse whisked his name the US operate The Lady & Sons and Steak Alder Wood you can Puck up your entire culinary tife Uncle Bubba's Oyster House Smoking Chips Seasoning both of them near Deen's on Bravo. Though her to three other cities, opening a string of 11 eateries. His stoble now includes Delmonico Steakhouse in Las Vegas personal brand is still a model in miniature a few cookbooks, plus her own line of jewelry keep an eye on Padma That branded Line of flops and perfume Marvin the Gator for RESTAURANTS & CATERING PRODUCTS home in Savannah, Ga. PUCK COOKBOOKS An amazing 19 of them to date, including Prime Time Emerit and Form to Fork and the Frog. Deen setts 13 types of and Emerit's Itatian Toble at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pa. Get ready: Puck operates 17 restaurant concepts (from fine dining to airport quickle) in to 90 different locations across WOLFGANG PUCK cooking products (including 87 kinds of Fiestaware dishes) o fewer than 104 food plus etrom sweet potato EMERIL LAGASSE Age: 5 Best known for: Putting "Bemt" end PAULA DEEN Age: 64 The back story: In 1989 Deen was a Age: 62 "Kick it up a notch" into the vernacular Got his start by: Cooking at New Orleans famous Commander's Palace the US. Puck also offers catering services in 11 cities and has Topfschnig First business venture: Part owner of Ma Maison in Los Angetes in 1975 Real name: Wolfgang Johannes 1800-Watt Revers ble Nonstick GrilL and Griddie CLADEEN biscuit mix to the two-pound Coconut Gooey Butter Cake. A tine of baked goods sells at Wolmart. RULADEEN flio- can't be far off. Croril divorced, agoraphobic housewife. She started a catering business and had her Paula Deen 10:0z. a separate division for 12-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker Organic Soups Preserves Estimated worth: $50 million two sons do deliveries. Things took off. Estimated worth: $16 million Estimated worth: $75 millon Gaaahlic Sauce Organic Fair Trade Coffee ADWEEK SEPTIMBER 19, 2011 00 cot fod NOGIAPC1OP 1 100000000

Food Network Sponsored Infographic

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