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Food Nation 2014

FOOD NATION 2014 There's no question we Brits love our food. Whether you're picking up the weekly shop or grabbing a takeaway there's always a diverse selection of different cuisines to be found in cities across the UK. But with living costs on the rise, how much of our hard-earned cash is being spent on food – and how popular is the Great British takeaway now we have less spare change in our wallet? To answer this question, the team at commissioned a study examining how much Brits are spending on food, and how much of that is on fast food. The below infographic gives a picture of the UK's spend on groceries, takeaways and eating out. UK CITY SPEND GROCERIES, TAKEAWAYS & EATING OUT The below table looks at the total annual spend of the 30 biggest UK cities. Cities are ordered from the biggest spenders on food down to the lowest, showing the spend on groceries vs. combined spend on takeaways and eating out. GROCERIES TAKEAWAY & EATING OUT COVENTRY £2,593.76 |£2,456.31 £5,050 LONDON £2,666.56 £2,129.52 £4,796 WORCESTER £3,380.00 £1,072.78 £4,452 OXFORD £2,927.08 £1,448.70 £4,375 BIRMINGHAM £2,306.72 £1,899.96 £4,206 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE £2,825.68 £1,341.34 £4,167 BRIGHTON £2,172.56 £1,980.85 £4,153 LEEDS £2,639.52 £1,439.31 £4,078 CARDIFF £2,662.92 £1,366.61 £4,029 WREXHAM £2,739.88 £1,270.82 £4,010 SOUTHAMPTON £2,932.28 £1,017.24 £3,949 EDINBURGH £2,386.28 £1,562.50 £3,948 ABERDEEN £3,021.72 £787.04 £3,808 MANCHESTER £2,689.96 £1,065.76 £3,755 BELFAST £1,916.72 £1,838.36 £3,755 BRISTOL £2,470.00 £1,283.99 £3,753 WOLVERHAMPTON £3,022.76 £679.82 £3,702 LEICESTER £3,620 £2,516.80 £1,104.09 SHEFFIELD £3,580 £2,734.68 £845.81 PORTSMOUTH £3,548 £2,513.16 £1,035.23 PLYMOUTH £3,541 £2,615.60 £925.78 NORWICH £3,498 £2,503.28 £995.66 SWANSEA £3,478 £2,800.20 £677.85 COVENTRY SWANSEA NORTH/SOUTH FORKING OUT TAKEAWAY CHEAP DIVIDE Those in Coventry are the biggest spenders on takeaways, with an annual spend that's more than double the national Swansea spends half as much as the average UK city on takeaways It would take almost two years for Manchester to match Londoners' spend on takeaways average WORCESTER OXFORD HOME CHEFS WALLET CONSCIOUS Worcester's residents Three in five smart spend over one and a half times as much on spenders in Oxford cook at home to save cash groceries than those in Brighton GROCERIES vs TAKEAWAYS MEN vs WOMEN When it comes to spending on food, men and women have very different habits. British men eat a whopping 193 takeaways on average each year compared to the 153 eaten by women. There's also a difference in grocery spend, women part with £339.34 more than men each year at the supermarket. The below shows how their spending compares: AVERAGE YEARLY SPEND £2,598 GROCERIES £2,259 £1,243 EATING OUT £1,883 £1,355 TAKEAWAYS £2,339 FEMALE MALE SPENDING BY AGE GROUP The 25-34s are by far the biggest spenders on both takeaways and meals at restaurants, splashing out twice as much as those aged 45-54 each year on average. The below shows how your age affects what you spend on food: TAKEAWAYS EATING OUT GROCERIES £967 £403 £224 £801 £616 £616 £1,199 £766 £912 £729 £1,514 £1,973 £2,685 £2,995 £2,929 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ Yrs Old Yrs Old Yrs Old Yrs Old Yrs Old Researched conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Based upon a sample of 2,000 UK adults between the 5th and 12th March 2014. The research examines the total spend of each adult across grocery purchases, eating out costs and takeaway spend. 5

Food Nation 2014

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0 comments's annual Food Spend Study looks at how much the UK is spending on food, broken down by city.


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